To wholesale buyers

Dear partners!

Publishing house «Tretiy Rim» is pleased to offer you mutually beneficial cooperation in the distribution of literature for motorists.

Our company was founded in 1994, in 1999 it entered the top thirty best book publishers in Russia and the CIS, and since 2005 it has been a leader in the Russian market of technical literature. And this is not surprising, since the topic of car repair and maintenance is inexhaustible. The experience and knowledge of our specialists are already set forth on the pages of more than 500 of our own publications. Our company actively cooperates with both foreign publishers and domestic automakers. The indisputable advantage of our publishing house is the presence of its own production base and a group of qualified auto mechanics. This allows us to issue repair manuals on the basis of direct disassembly and assembly of the car with step-by-step photographing and a description of the technology for removing, installing and repairing various components and assemblies.

The range of the publishing house includes manuals for the repair, maintenance and operation of domestic and foreign cars, training literature on the Rules of the Road, the annual catalogs World Cars, SUVs, the monthly SUV magazine, and atlases of roads.

In addition, we offer a full range of automotive literature from other publishers.

The products «Tretiy Rim» are distinguished by high quality and competitive prices. Publications are made in various versions, in accordance with the requests of different groups of customers.

Given the growing fleet of private cars in Moscow, you can be sure of good demand and interest in our products at your outlet. In addition, the expansion of the retail assortment through auto literature will attract additional visitors to the store, who will undoubtedly show interest in all the products presented there.

Publishing house «Tretiy Rim» in the face of the Wholesale Department «Tretiy Rim» cooperates with major book sellers, auto parts stores, distribution networks for book products and periodicals. The number of our friends and partners is growing from year to year, and we are very happy about this.

To save your time and minimize the risks associated with the distribution of specialized literature, the Wholesale Department of Tretiy Rim offers you:

  • - advising on the best-selling items
  • - constant news updates
  • - special equipment (stands) for the sale of automotive literature
  • - advertising materials (posters, booklets, catalogs, banners)
  • - assistance in finding a transport company for delivery to the regions
  • - receive orders by email.

The head of the sales department will be happy to answer all your questions.Volkova Viktoriya.


phone. +7 495 966-23-32 доб.13

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