About us

About us

Dear users!

For the third decade now, we have been helping you take the right to choose, repair, and operate a car. Since 1995, we have been cooperating with the traffic police and create exam tasks. We disassemble, describe the device of the car and show you how to repair it. We attend exhibitions, do test drive cars and help you choose them. Over the years, we have more than 40 million satisfied customers. Agree, not every business can boast of such results. We always paid special attention to the quality of our materials, we hope that we live up to your expectations! Thanks you!

A new era has come! The era of information technology and services. We present you our new product! Car portal. The key idea of the portal is to make the life of a motorist as convenient as possible. We are breathtaking of the number of services and services that we plan to offer you!

In the Auto News section, we share with you the latest news from the world of cars in Russia. The Used cars section will help you choose a used car. When sorting cars, we always pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses of each model, we will present this information to make it easier for you to evaluate and choose your car.

The Online Store section is so far focused on books, but every day there will be more and more different goods. Section Commercial vehicles was created for those whose work involves the selection and operation of commercial and special vehicles. About 2 million people in Russia receive rights annually, the section Everything for Driving Schools .

We continue to issue publications for our readers, we are interested in the development of our dealer network, more about this in the Publishing section. We have created the Repair series without any problems, more than 5 million readers liked it very much, and information on how to repair a car yourself or check your car service will soon be available in electronic form. Based on our experience, we plan to organize a network of our own Car Services, the Car Service section will be devoted to this. And, a very popular section of the Portal in Russia, with the help of which you can learn more about SUVs , pick it up for yourself, communicate with fellow lovers of impassable roads, the name of the SUV.

Over time, video information will increasingly appear on the Portal.

We will develop the channel on YouTube . The portal will change and live, we are ready to be flexible and respond quickly to your wishes and requests. We are ready for partnership and always build long-term business relations with suppliers and customers. If you are ready to earn money with us and you have ideas, suggestions, write to us hr@irim3.ru

Tretiy Rim. Always turns on!!