UAZ Pickup is the best seller of the Russian market for trucks 2019

UAZ Pickup is the best seller of the Russian market for trucks 2019

UAZ Pickup is the best seller of the Russian market for trucks 2019


Russian pickup in 2019 again surpassed famous imported competitors


Alexander Klimov, photo of the author and SOLLERS

Ulyanovsk UAZ Pickup (UAZ-23632) once again proves their worth in the segment of pickups, while maintaining leadership in the market for new pickups in Russia at the end of last year. According to the analytical Agency "AUTOSTAT", only in 2019 in the Russian market it was sold 10,5 thousand new pickups (according to the Agency OOO "AUTOSTAT info" the numbers are much higher – 14,1 million (-2,4%). In any case, more than a third of them, or 3.6 thousand (according to "AUTOSTAT" info is 37.9% vs 35.7% in last year) falls on UAZ Pickup with dual 5-seater cabin.
Such a significant result has repeatedly been proven the best combination of consumer qualities and characteristics worthy of UAZ Pickup, such as: usability, functionality, reliability and optimum ratio of price and quality.
Another important factor is the liquidity in the secondary market, also received high marks in the annual studies of preservation of residual value of the vehicle "Residual Value 2019", conducted by the Agency "AUTOSTAT".
UAZ Pickup to put the engine ZMZ "Pro" with a capacity of 149,6 HP and 5-speed manual transmission.
Last year, the list of accessories is supplemented with modern options that enhance the level of comfort and security.
According to Deputy General Director for marketing and sales, OOO "UAZ" Sergey Travkin, the company is not going to rest on our laurels and will continue the process of updating the model, launched in the fall of 2018: "In accordance with the wishes of customers in 2019, we have expanded the equipment list for all models. And in the coming months out on the market UAZ Pickup with automatic transmission. Similar transmission is already installed on the SUV Patriotand customer reviews are extremely positive character."

PS needless to say – the sale of the Ulyanovsk Pickup exceeded check the nearest classmate Toyota Hilux 75%, and Mitsubishi L200 – almost 2.8 times. So a winning result, of course, explains not only its own outstanding performance of the Pickup, but it is very adequate for the price and broad orders of state agencies, which confirms the thesis, that in a market economy type of models should be as broad as possible, and to find them the customer care and marketing departments. Undoubtedly, to market this spring version of the Pickup with automatic transmission will increase its attractiveness among individuals, and at the same time, the profitability of the automatic transmission for a manufacturer.   


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