Snowcat MSU-108 received Belarusian stuffing

Snowcat MSU-108 received Belarusian stuffing

Snowcat MSU-108 received Belarusian stuffing


Belarus for one and a half years has raised the level of localization of snow-compacting roller machinery almost 2 times


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At the end of 2019 was submitted to localized 74% of the serial version of the first Belarusian snowcat, i.e. snowgroomers with hydrostatic transmission and wide (from 0.8 to 1.5 m) to skiing and snowmobile rubber tracks (RAG) "Belarus MSU-108", which premiered back in the fall of 2018.

Experienced groomer MSU-108 sample 2018 Belarusian was only 43% 

Initially, the level of localization of the snowmobile does not exceed 43% as complex hydraulic assemblies hydraulic transmissions were imported, so the current model "Belarus MSU-108" is now rightly called the Belarusian. All the basic components of a snow groomer now developed on the DOLE or other Belarusian enterprises, including: dozer, snow-compacting roller mill, a frame, a 2-seater cockpit, tracks, suspension, 176-HP engine MMZ D-245.35Е4 of Euro-4 is the Caterpillar , radiator and hydraulic system. However, the complex reversible hydrostatic transmission, speeds forward/reverse from 0 to 25 km/h, remained imported. With operating weight of 5.2 tonnes of RAG and width 820 mm, the specific pressure on the surface of MSU-108 is 0.05 kg/cm2.
Recall that at the end of March 2018, the President of Belarus set the task of the Minsk tractor plant (MTZ) for the development release within a year or two of domestic snow-compacting roller technology (snowcat) that are needed to improve the quality of training country skiers. The super specialty is the preparation of ski pistes of all types (cross-country, and ski, including DOS sufficiently steep slopes) at the highest sporting standards. However, they also serve as transport vehicles for lifting-descent of mountain skiers and rescue personnel and their equipment.
Taking into account the recommendations of the Ministry of sport and tourism of Belarus MTZ created by the fall of the same year except obytneho sample snowgroomers "Belarus MSU-108" on a special tracked chassis two snow-grooming machines on the basis of serial tractors – wheeled "Belarus MSU-622" (on the basis of tractor "Belarus-622") and caterpillar "Belarus MSU-2022" (based on "Belarus-2022.3" with crawlers).
Accordingly, the first Belarusian snowcat "Belarus MSU-108" design is fully consistent with the classic snowcat, that is, its engine is a wide track with rubber rollers, cab of special design (with a large glass area and low bottom edges of the glass to facilitate the review at high angles of elevation) forward, back, a special platform for cargo (or passenger compartment). The snowcat low center of gravity that allows him to work on the mountain slopes with the steepness up to 45°.
The machine is equipped with 12-position blade width 3320 mm front and mill lineproviding behind. System cutting trail two-lane, the width of the cutter (for finishers) 3,200 mm

PS MTZ released in addition to the relatively complex and expensive groomer more affordable and versatile (in the sense of opportunities for year-round use on other work without snow-compacting roller equipment) snowgroomers on the basis of their popular tractors.
So, the machine "Belarus MSU-2022" created on the basis of tractor "Belarus-2022.3" equipped with a diesel engine MMZ D-260.4S2 power 212 HP, which is equipped with tracked modules and equipment. The machine is equipped with 8-position a blade width of 3600 mm and a mill lineproviding. System cutting trail two-lane, the width of the cutter (on finishers) – 3820 mm. Speed forward/backward of 1.5 to 26 km/h.
Smaller snowgroomers "Belarus MSU-622" made on the basis of small-sized tractor "Belarus-622" with a Lambordini diesel engine, LDW 2204 with the capacity of 62.5 HP This machine is equipped with a tractor and a blade width of 2500 mm hydrophobinum mechanism and a cutter with lineprocessor. System cutting trails single-width cutters (for finishers) – 2160 mm. Speed forward/backward – 1,2-36,6 km/h.
It is worth mentioning another novelty of the Belarusian "sports" equipment, created by designers MTZ – lidosilvana machine "Belarus ML-428" on the basis of tractor "Belarus-923.3" with a diesel engine MMZ D-245.5S2 95 HP.
Machine "Belarus ML-428" is designed to work on outdoor rinks and can simultaneously clean the surface of ice from fresh snow, to cut off the top (damaged) layer of ice, collect the resulting after cutting the chips into the hopper and pour a new layer of ice. Special equipment machine – tractor blade width 2500 mm hydrophobinum mechanism and planing-priming unit with the 1.4 CC bunker-storage for snow (shaved ice) and a 420-litre tank irrigation system.

Originally it was planned that only in Belarus will be ordered snow-compacting roller 130 and 60 lazarevacki machines.

At the time the head of Belarus has informed about the design features of these machines and how they differ from foreign analogues. It was announced that while the localization of prototypes snowcat from 32 to 59%. In mass production it will increase to 75-100% depending on the model.

At this A. Lukashenko said: "the Main thing that it was all Belarus. Don't have to do in the MTZ. By next winter it should be a purely Belarusian snowcat, this is not a problem. The most difficult thing you have: energetic, cabin, office. And all the rest is elementary. This year you provide the required volume that is needed biathletes, skiers from there. Next year, this technique should become fully Belarusian".

P. P. S. What to say: the old Man said, – Belarusian manufacturers have to comply! Another issue is that only the consumer will appreciate how such a high speed localized impact on the level of quality and durability of equipment..


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