Moscow received before the end of 2019 300th bus and introduced electromarketing

Moscow received before the end of 2019 300th bus and introduced electromarketing

Moscow received before the end of 2019 300th bus and introduced electromarketing


In the capital go 300 buses and 40 karteninhaber of electric cars BMW and Nissan


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In the New year's eve on the streets of Moscow traditionally opens urban transport decorated with led garlands.
This year Mosgortrans has decorated about fifty trams of new generation "Vityaz-Moscow" and the same number of buses. To ride them can people from different areas of the capital.
The highest concentration of luminous trams and buses accounted for that region.
New year greetings also placed on a thousand buses of Mosgortrans and 800 urban stops. On routes transporting children on a Christmas present, children meet the drivers in costumes of Santa clauses, and the buses are also connected to the corresponding light alarm.
During the annual report before deputies of Moscow city Duma, the Moscow Mayor spoke about the results and plans of development of transport system of the capital.
So Moscow became the first city in Russia, which launched a system of car-sharing electric cars. Such machines has expanded its vehicle fleet largest operator of short-term rental "Yandex.Drive" (more than 12 thousand cars from 24,75 thousand careregular Park – ed.). Muscovites and visitors of capital became available 30 electric Nissan LEAF.
To move to the Nissan around town and beyond, but to return the car inside the Garden ring.
The project of using the electric vehicle BMW i3 in the system of capital also develops car-sharing operator YouDrive (over 10 units).
Sergey Sobyanin said, "Together with Rossetti, we create a network of public charging stations. And thank you so much for the adoption of a law exempting electric vehicles from vehicle tax. This is an important stimulus."

Previously, on this occasion, he said, "90 percent of all environmental problems are not associated with factories, but with different cars, millions of whom travel on our streets every day. And of course, it is very important to change the oil, become more sustainable, more environmentally friendly became machines, engines. Fundamentally this can be changed only by completely abandoning the motor engines by electric vehicles."

In the opinion of the Mayor at all public transport in the capital in the future may be electric.

Sergei Sobyanin said: "We are already two thirds of the passengers of the public transport transported in electric vehicles. But we don't stop there. We will try to translate all public transport to electric. Moscow will surely be a leader among world cities. Even today, the routes operates over 250 buses".
Starting in 2021, the city will stop purchasing conventional diesel buses, instead of significantly increasing the volume of purchase of electric buses (up to 600 units per year – ed.). In addition, in the next two years will be completed upgrading the fleet of trams. The old model will be replaced with a new generation of trams "Vityaz-M".
For 2019, the fleet of buses has reached three hundred, and the latter – 300-car KAMAZ-6282М ("Moscow") under the second contract for the supply of electric buses and charging stations, signed "KAMAZ" with sue "Mosgortrans" in 2018, put in on December 24.
For the first time, KAMAZ has entered the market of passenger transport by electricity of the city of Moscow, when the company won the tender to supply the capital for the first 100 electric buses and a charging station 31. In addition, the manufacturer took full responsibility for the maintenance of all buses KAMAZ and charging infrastructure within 15 years from the date of delivery. On the basis of the capital of the enterprise SVARZ built a service station that will deal with Assembly of complete buses.

background: in 2019 in addition to the 300 buses of the Metropolitan bus Park added 1.1 million new diesel buses (environmental class not lower than Euro-5) and 300 units of modern trams model "Vityaz-Moscow".

Diesel is 12.4-meter bus-solo KAMAZ-6282М


Articulated diesel of 18.4-meter bus LiAZ-6213


300th articulated tram model 71-391М "Vityaz-Moscow"



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