MAN began the serial production of electrographical eTGM

MAN began the serial production of electrographical eTGM

MAN began the serial production of electrographical eTGM


In Austria released the first batch of electric delivery trucks MAN TGM 26.360 LL E


Alexander Klimov, photo by R. Yablonski and MAN Truck & Bus 

The company MAN Truck & Bus became one of the first European manufacturers of commercial vehicles, which started the introduction of electric vehicles on the roads. The plant MAN in the Austrian Steyr rolled off the first batch of electric delivery trucks MAN TGM 26.360 E LL. They are designed for partner companies of the Austrian Consortium for sustainable logistics (CNL), with which in the autumn of 2018 MAN Truck & Bus with those testing 9 freight cars. Each of the nine companies, Gebrüder Weiss, HOFER, Magna Steyr, METRO, Quehenberger Logistics, REWE, Schachinger Logistik, SPAR and Stieglbrauerei – received in its fleet by one truck electric MAN eTGM.

The company MAN Truck & Bus received awards newspaper "Transport" contribution to sustainable development (European Transport Award for Sustainability 2020) in two nominations: among electrogrooving won eTGM MAN and delivery MAN eTGE tsmf has become the most environmentally friendly car in Europe in class LCV

Using them in their daily activities, these companies have already gained valuable experience in logistics of the future, which will contribute to sustainable ecological development. MAN has made another step in the development of climate neutral transportation, launching sales of a small party electric MAN eTGM.

MAN trucks eTGM meet the requirements of urban freight transport of the future with zero emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere and quiet running. Simultaneously, the electric versions of the trucks have sufficient capacity to run standard logistic tasks. Electric trucks medium and heavy can be used as refrigerated trucks for swap for multimodal transport or special body for the transport of drinks.

Chassis 6x2 MAN eTGM.4 represented in Russia on truck motor show Comtrans 2018

Cargo electric MAN eTGM is a truck-axle chassis with the wheel formula 6x2.4 with a permissible gross weight of 26 t He have controlled lifting and supporting axle, and four-circuit air suspension. The electric truck is equipped with an electric capacity of 264 kW with torque up to 3100 nm. Auxiliary devices such as power steering, brakes and air conditioning are electric motors controlled by energy management and because of this operate in a power saving mode.

Thanks to regenerative braking the kinetic energy of the truck is released during the speed reduction and braking is converted to electrical energy returned to the battery. Thus, the battery is recharged during braking, which significantly increases the range of electric vehicles. The display in the driver's cab and displays the current battery level. Cargo electric car is equipped with a high-performance lithium-ion batteries from Volkswagen Group that also fit under the driver's cab over the front axle – where traditional trucks is a diesel internal combustion engine. Extra batteries mounted on the frame of the truck. Power reserve up to 200 kilometers, depending on road and climate conditions and terrain features.

MAN facilitates its customers transition to electric mobility by providing for the purchase of electric truck eTGM professional support from a team of technical experts. They will share comprehensive and individually tailored information with a focus on specific solutions – from needs analysis, configuration, fleet infrastructure charging and control system power consumption up to comprehensive and cost-effective transport solutions. In addition, the MAN eTGM drivers undergo a special training programme which covers the management features of a fully-electric vehicle..


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