KAMAZ-master triumphant return home

KAMAZ-master triumphant return home

KAMAZ-master triumphant return home


Airports in Sheremetyevo and Begishevo a solemn meeting of the winner of "Dakar-2020" – the team "KAMAZ-master"


Alexander Klimov, author photo, video KAMAZ-master

Today after midnight at terminal D airport "Sheremetyevo" was held a traditional meeting of the team "KAMAZ-master", who arrived after the regular 17th already triumph on rally-marathon "Dakar", held this year in Saudi Arabia. 

The crew of No. 511 Andrey Karginov with "Golden Bedouin" at the hands of 

The team leader Vladimir Chagin and the winner No. 511 Andrey Karginov (1st place in the trucks category) and No. 516 of Anton Shibalov (2nd place), Moscow, thanked fans and the media for such a high interest in rally "in two weeks" in General and this event in particular "despite  the lateness of the hour", and briefly spoke about the new point on the map "Dakar", about the fight for the result with the strongest racers of the world and the surprises they are prepared by the organizers, as well as the elements. Vladimir Chagin noted that the victory of the team "KAMAZ-master" in the year of the 75th anniversary of the great Victory over fascism particularly significant and proves that the victorious Russian spirit is also strong, at which point the world he would not be shown.  

Anton Shibalov's crew with a "silver Bedouin"

The author managed to get an exclusive interview with Eduard Nikolaev, who this year, although had to retire due to engine failure, but reached the finish due to the launch of the new organizers of the rally, a separate classification of Dakar Experience, the so-called "Joker", which allowed the crew, who, after exhausting repairs of the engine in the desert, yet was able to arrive to the bivouac, and then still continue the race, not for long though, and after final disposal of the main test. to see the checkered flag at the end of the marathon.

Edouard Nikolaev and the winner of the competition "New star" Rosie Mingazova"

Edward said in particular: "the Most important thing is to not be afraid any difficulties. Of course, when we had our V8 engine problems with a large the repair was much less, because it's a two-head 4 cylinder, in line 6-cylinder Liebherr it alone and don't even weigh 120 kg, as written in the press, and more than 200! Was broken gasket of the cylinder to the sixth cylinder was damaged cylinder liner (took the damaged parts with you and we will deal with them at home). So that after the field repairs had 200 km to drive only on 5 cylinders to the bivouac (and judge at this year's "Dakar" we even applauded – that moved just to tears). The management team in the face, first of all, Vladimir Chagin has decided us to go the next stage on 5 cylinders, however, soon (in 33 km – ed.) went bankrupt piston and pressure penetrated the case of hot gases pulled out a pallet, but thank God, not hurt the crankshaft and the engine block. Then the engine was fully enumerated (with the replacement of the entire cylinder group, etc.), and thanks to introduced at last year's "Dakar" rule "the Joker" we were able to drive it in competition Experience. This year with the change of organiser has significantly improved the organization of the rally-marathon overall, and his team in particular, which is very nice. Opponents are no longer surprised by the examples of our resistance and vynoslivost and only pay tribute to us. The way to the finish of the rally-marathon, even though out of the championship was important for us, as the current "Dakar" in Arabia not the last and we are still going to come back and win.". 
Family members met the winners of "Dakar" on the morning of the 20th at the airport Naberezhnye Chelny Begeshevo.

The team "KAMAZ-master" congratulated with the victory on "Dakar" (in chronological order): the General Director of "KAMAZ" Sergey Kogogin: "our Dear Champions! Thanks to you, every year the main event in January for KAMAZ and Naberezhnye Chelny becomes the victory of the Russian trucks on the most legendary rally-marathon in the world. I congratulate you on the achievement of high results! Thank you, again, for the seventeenth time, giving us an exciting sense of pride in KAMAZ and Russia! Having overcome a difficult test, against stiff competition, the crew of Andrei Karginov and Anton Shibalov were the first to reach the finish of the race, giving Russia a landslide victory. It is in difficult conditions is evident characteristic of the KAMAZ team spirit and mutual assistance. Once again we made sure that all riders in the team were equal, but the "KAMAZ-master" has no equal. Thank you for the high professionalism and brilliant performance once again confirmed the leadership of "KAMAZ", Tatarstan and Russia! Confident you starts, successful high-speed lines and new finishes victorious!"; 
the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov: "I heartily congratulate all of you on bright victory in the international rally "Dakar-2020". You conquered the desert of Saudi Arabia - a new top of your professional skills, another triumph of Russia and JSC "KAMAZ". Your brilliant victory is also a perfect gift native to the Republic of the 100th anniversary of TASSR. Thank you for your excellent work and sincere dedication of all the crews, the Golden hands of the technical support group, tireless leaders and team members. When the cause is taken such a strong, cohesive, always ready to come to each other rescue team, the Trucks really fly, bravely storming new heights.";
General Director of state Corporation rostec Sergey Chemezov: "Congratulations to the team "KAMAZ-master" with a victory in the legendary rally-RAID "Dakar-2020"! For "KAMAZ-master" this title was the 17th in history. The best result on the last stage of the race showed Andrey karginov, the winner also in the overall standings. "Silver" of rally "Dakar" went Anton Shibalov. It is important that Speedway in the Arabian Peninsula pleased the participants not only challenging, but interesting routes. Intense competition has once again confirmed the leadership of "KAMAZ-master" and the reliability of Russian trucks. I am convinced that the experience, a strong team spirit and high professional skills of our drivers serve as collateral for their further victories. I wish the team "KAMAZ-master" a bright new successes and achievements!".

Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated the team "KAMAZ-master" with a victory in rally "Dakar-2020" government telegram which States: "I heartily congratulate you with the victory in rally-marathon "Dakar-2020" among trucks. You confidently passed all stages of these legendary competitions, showed perseverance, team unity, focus on results. Demonstrated the enormous potential and strong potential of the domestic automotive equipment, and, of course, your triumph has been a boon for many fans, for all who have supported you throughout the intense races. I wish you new achievements and athletic success. Vladimir Putin". 
the Mayor of Naberezhnye Chelny nail Magdeev: "Congratulations to the team of Naberezhnye Chelny "KAMAZ-master" with a victory in rally "Dakar-2020"! On the podium two of our crew – "gold" Andrei Karginov and "silver" Anton Shibalov. At 17 times our Chelny athletes have proven skills and demonstrated a fighting spirit, vitality and unity inherent in the motor city. Thank two more of the crew of "KAMAZ-master" - Dmitry Sotnikov and Eduard Nikolaev the high level of training and participation in international competition".
the Chairman of the State Council of Tatarstan Farid Mukhametshin: "In the history of Russian and world Motorsport has been no team equal to Tatarstan citizens on the skill, perseverance and an unstoppable desire to achieve the goal. An exciting race once again proved that thanks to the huge experience of mentors and professional crews, high technical capacity of our trucks become possible outstanding achievements. The current result is of particular importance in the eve of the memorable anniversary – the 100-anniversary of TASSR. Republic and the whole Russia is proud of the brand "KAMAZ" and effective work of the whole team Avtozavodskaya".

PS Edward, by the way, very well said about the  automatic gearbox Allison your KAMAZ: "No problem. They have the whole "Dakar" ride", and also said that the actual fuel consumption depends on the complexity of the plot reached 180 l/100 km .


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