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The largest Russian automobile manufacturer, Volzhsky automobile factory (VAZ), which are now OJSC "AVTOVAZ", was founded in 1966 in Tolyatti, and in April 1970 he released his first car VAZ-2101 "Zhiguli", which became the first mass car of the country, subsequently, earned the popular nickname "penny". That's VAZ provided the mass motorization of the country. In 1991 the enterprise was transformed into JSC. In February 2014, AVTOVAZ produced its 28-millionth car. And the same year a controlling stake in the company finally switched to the Renault–Nissan Alliance. In the summer of 2012 on the basis of purchased for $220 million from the Renault–Nissan platform B0 (Renault Logan), AVTOVAZ has launched serial production of the 5 - and 7-seat station wagon LADA Largus station wagon (lots of K90 and R90), as well as unified with him riding the all-metal LADA Largus van (series F90). At the beginning of 2017, the company "Samotlor-NN" has mastered on the basis of LADA Largus version Kub increased to 3.8 m3 cargo volume. At the exhibition COMTRANS-2017 firm vis-Avto showed his version of the same truck increased by 300 mm with a plastic roof. For 2015 AVTOVAZ produced 6659 vans F90 (-24,6%) and for 2016 – 9228 units (+38.6 per cent). Registration on the Russian market amounted to, respectively, in 2015-m – 6113 units (7.3 per cent of the LCV market), and in 2016-m – 6120 units (8.2 percent).

LADA Largus van (4x2)

LADA Largus van (F90) is a commercial version of the increased capacity of the model LADA Largus station wagons, from which it differs primarily unglazed rear 5-door body, and a cargo compartment without seats and trim, apart from a 2-person cabin with a solid wall. The back door is double hinged. The wheelbase of 2905 mm. With a curb weight 1147-1208 kg car is designed for a payload of 797 kg. the Capacity of its cargo compartment is 2.54 m3. The four-cylinder gasoline engine working volume of 1,6 l, capacity of 84.3 HP (8 valves) or the 104.7 HP (16 valves). Transmission, 5-speed manual. Fuel tank volume of 50 liters Front suspension is independent with MacPherson struts, rear semi-independent torsion bar, brake mechanisms of all wheels disc with ABS+EBD. The basic package includes the standard height-adjustable steering column, driver airbag, immobilizer, cabin air filters, light tinted glass, paint metallic, audiopreparation, engine protection and engine compartment, 12V power socket, ABS and EBD, forged 15-inch wheels and full size spare wheel; the package of additional Start – power steering; supplied with Norma extras – Central locking with remote control, power Windows, heated seats, moldings, air conditioning, protective floor carpet cargo compartment of high-density polyethylene; in the configuration of advanced Audio – multimedia audio system with FM, CD, MP3, AUX, USB, Bluetooth, Hands free and two speakers. Optionally available: alarm and telemetry system with the autostart function, anti theft mechanical devices, the radio 1DIN Pioneer, subwoofer, combo device (DVR, radar, GPS informant about the cameras), DVR hidden installation, Parking sensors, trunk organizer, roof rails and roof rack, tow hitch and so on. On the basis of the universal Largus created commercial "Taxi" with the appropriate coloring and salon equipment all accessories for taxi work. Version of the Largus with 300 mm high roof presented in September by the company "vis-Auto".

LADA Kub with a high roof (4x2)

In 2015 the company "promtekh" ("Samotlor-NN") begins mass production of series of light commercial vehicles increased capacity with a high roof on the basis of LADA Largus station wagon. Model Kub presented as a van or Kombi, and in the embodiment 5-7-seater wagon with increased capacity offered in the form of an entire line of special versions, including mail and reefer vans, the social vehicle (with the ability to transport wheelchair users), mobile shops, funeral, canine, etc., and, most importantly, ambulance car "A-class". The expanded body obtained through the application of high plastic roof on a metal frame and an elongated rear overhang. The inner dimensions of the cargo compartment: 2,25x1,35х1,38 m, volume 3.8 m3. Curb weight: 1260-1530 kg (depending on configuration). Capacity: 400-700 kg K4M Engine: 1.6 l 16V (102 HP, 145 N·m). Transmission 5-speed manual gearbox. The cabin interior is similarly basic Largus (see LADA), and specific equipment like the glazed and the unglazed body has a rear side swing doors and double doors in the back. Possible finishing of the cargo compartment ABS plastic and composite material flooring made of corrugated aluminium or equipment thermal insulation in refrigerated version.

LADA 2329 (4x4 Pickup) 4x4

Pick-up double cabin LADA 2329 (4x4 Pickup) – 23290-41 factory index, produced since 1998 on the basis of an extended version of LADA 2131 (4x4 5-door) firms "Motility" and later "Super-Avto". Currently offered in trim levels standard and Luxe (air conditioning) with led running lights, power steering, electric Windows, ABS+BAS+EBD and so on., but picking a utilitarian plastic Kung. The power plant, transmission and equipment pickup is unified with the SUV LADA 4x4.

LADA Largus van (Largus taxi), 4x2

the the the the the the the the
Option The value
Overall dimensions, mm 4450х1740х1636
Base, mm 2905
Full weight, kg 1944-2005
Load capacity, kg 797
The volume of the van, m3 2.54 mm
The amount of Luggage a taxi (7 seats), l 135
Engines 1.6 l/ 87 HP;
1.6 l/ 102 HP

LADA Kub van with high roof
(made in PROMTEKH), 4x2

the the the the the the
Option The value
Overall dimensions, mm 4840х1756х2150
Full weight, kg 1985-2000
Load capacity, kg 400-700
The volume of the van, m3 3,8
Engines 1.6 l/ 87 HP;
1.6 l/ 102 HP

LADA 2329 (4x4 Pickup), 4x4

the the the the the the the
Option The value
Overall dimensions, mm 4520х1680х1640
Base, mm 2700
Full weight, kg 1810
Load capacity, kg 390
The volume of the van (kung), m3 0,62
Engine: 1.7 l/ 83 HP

LADA Largus van with high roof
(made in vis-Avto), 4x2

the the the the the the the
Option The value
Overall dimensions, mm 4470х1750х1930
Base, mm 2905
Full weight, kg 2000
Load capacity, kg 670
The volume of the van, m3 ~3
Engine: 1.6 l/ 106 HP

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