Soon motorists will be able to drive without insurance

Soon motorists will be able to drive without insurance

Soon motorists will be able to drive without insurance

3 July 2018

Paper policies will remain in the past


Alexander Sharonov, photo RBK

Soon drivers will be allowed to travel without insurance policy. However, it is not about the abolition of compulsory insurance, and the equal rights policies of the electronic paper. This is stated in the decree "submitting to the state Duma a bill to improve the system of insurance", published on the government website.

The bill requires more than a simple check insurance police and customs. If the initiative gets the green light, motorists who apply for e-insurance, no longer need to print the policy and carry it with you. When checking is enough to call his number.

Changes in the sphere of insurance is long overdue. Since the introduction of electronic policies the paper version has become a mere formality: it can be printed on any printer, without the need even to put on her stamp and signature. But the law required to carry it with you.

Along with this, the bill provides for the rejection of double-counting in the information system and the reporting of insurers insurance policies in paper and electronic form. Now each of them will be assigned a unique sequence number.

Also in the discussed draft law provides for introduction check your insurance policy or insurance contract of owners of vehicles by customs officers. It is expected that this measure will allow to strengthen control over those motorists who deliberately refuse the registration of insurance.

In addition, it is proposed to limit the list of guilty persons to whom the insurance company will be able to claim for damages when she already paid the insurance to the victim. Now such a claim, insurers will not be able to apply to pedestrians, which in the accident was injured or killed (in the second case, claims for compensation will not be extended to relatives and heirs).


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