The hijackers want to be required to answer for all damages caused to the vehicle

The hijackers want to be required to answer for all damages caused to the vehicle

The hijackers want to be required to answer for all damages caused to the vehicle

5 July 2018

Stole the car is guilty


Alexander Sharonov, photo

In the second reading the deputies adopted amendments to the Civil code, which provide for stricter liability hijackers. But it is not about the increase in criminal terms, and compensation to owners of stolen cars.

The bill uses very florid language: "provides that a person who has unlawfully taken possession of another's property that was damaged or lost due to the actions of another person, acting independently from the first, is responsible for the damage caused. This rule does not exempt from the damages of a tortfeasor".

In this case means that the hijacker will be responsible for all damage caused to the vehicle even if the damage inflicted by the stranger. This subtle point is particularly important in the case if the investigation had failed to establish a direct tortfeasor.

In particular, if the theft was committed by a group of persons, but does not prove the fact of causing of losses car that is hijacked by a person and the other person the consequence is not established. Also a point of law can be applied in that case, if the attacker threw another car on the side, and then someone hurt.

A similar initiative is not typical for the Russian legislation: in most cases, it is important for Russia to prove the fact that a specific man caused a particular harm. Due to their similar chain of logic applies in the U.S., but on a slightly different level. For example, if during a robbery of a private house owner or a police officer shot the attacker, his death will be hanged on surviving accomplices (if they remain). They, of course, was not shot by his friend. It is implied that this chain of events led the very intention to Rob the house, not the actions of the person who shot the criminal.

As reported by the interior Ministry, last year Russia had stolen 21 842 theft. In addition to this there were 20 registered 834 cases under article "illegal occupation of automobile or other vehicle without the plunder purpose".

But in Moscow to steal the cars became three times less likely to. Sergei Sobyanin considers it a merit of ubiquitous surveillance cameras.


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