The traffic police intends to exclude the admission exam for the law in a closed area

The traffic police intends to exclude the admission exam for the law in a closed area

The traffic police intends to exclude the admission exam for the law in a closed area

3 December 2019

From the examination on law in closed areas refuse from October 2020


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It became known that the traffic police plans to abandon examination on the automobile driver's license in closed areas, starting in October of next year. This was reported by the media head of the Department of examination work control and Supervisory activity of traffic police of Russia Nikolay Gilyaks.

He said this on Tuesday at a seminar on the safety of traffic: "traffic police of Russia is now actively preparing a number of legal acts. One of them concerns the rules of examinations. Here is the basic fact that precluded admission of the exam in a closed area for categories B, C and D. According to preliminary data, this change will come into effect from October 1, 2020." Gilyaks also noted that the draft resolution currently is still in the government and prepares for signature by the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.
We previously discussed the option, according to which the traffic police had planned to combine the steps of "area" and "city" with the exam on the right. Earlier the Ministry of economic development criticized the interior Ministry prepared a draft government resolution on the replacement of two exams for the right one, but later the Agency came on this question to a common opinion.

PS As always, any initiative from above require a proper public discussion, especially when it comes to safety. On the one hand the drivers are rookies this year show an increase of accidents, which automatically increases the requirements for the training of drivers in driving schools, but on the other – the rejection of "the platform", allows you to weed out even the most poorly trained and(or) the "nerve" of the applicants driver's license, could lead to a wave of accidents during exams. Moreover, the traffic police intend to refuse from the use of permanent ("memorized") routes with the delivery of the "city". As far as raising the bar for newcomers to raise the quality of their driving in the next also not yet clear. This in the long term will be automatically applied to the auto driver-the beginner, the appropriate restrictions on the maximum speed and allowed the time of day, and yet still respect the SDA remains on the conscience of freshly baked driver.


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