Putin opened the latest section of the highway M-11

Putin opened the latest section of the highway M-11

Putin opened the latest section of the highway M-11

27 November 2019

Today opened the latest section of the highway M-11 "Neva"


Alexander Klimov, photos rg.ru

President Vladimir Putin opened the November 27, last 8-th site of the highway M-11, by the way, received its own name "Neva" (in the short-list was also called "the Road Radishchev").
Now for the free passage available in all 669 km of highway with an allowed speed of 110 km/h (in term of 130 km/h – ed.). From this point on the old highway M-10 finally becomes redundant with 7 intersections with M-11 (however, both highways still share a free 60-km detour of the city of Tver, and the design of toll detour around the city is just the beginning – ed.). The cost of through traffic on M-11 "Neva" is from ₽1.3 thousand to ₽2.0 thousand (depending on the time of day and day of the week, as well as transponder).   
After the opening ceremony, officials also talked with Putin about the organization adjacent to M-11 in Saint-Petersburg highways, in particular the creation of high-speed junction from the airport "Pulkovo", etc. 

PS According to "Avtodor" in just the first day after the launch of the new 8th plot M-11 through the toll gate on the ring road on the route 4137 drove cars, and went – 4128.  it is Noted that most of the cars – 3051, went in the direction of Moscow and more machines in 1889 moved to St. Petersburg.

P. P. S. however, The high-speed end-to-end movement from the capital to the "Northern capital" M-11 "Neva" is actually not exactly because of a lack of detour of Tver (the feeling that the officials were out of budget funds for the construction of M-11 technology tale "Porridge from axe": a little bit more and a little bit more, and more...). In addition, and introduced sections of M-11 in a number of places to a high rank "category a-1" does not really hold in the absence of roadsides (data lines) in addition, motorists note that low security M-11 gas stations (gas station) and recreational areas, as well as the disruptions in mobile connection. So that "Neve" to evolve there is much more.  


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