The highway M-12 may extend from Vladimir to Vladivostok

The highway M-12 may extend from Vladimir to Vladivostok

The highway M-12 may extend from Vladimir to Vladivostok

26 November 2019

In the separated term highway M-12 make it to Vladivostok


Alexander Klimov, photos Avtodor

Avtodor considers the possible extension of the highway Moscow — Kazan to Vladivostok. 
According to the head of the "Avtodor" Vyacheslav Petushenko, if the country is successful in socio-economic development, the high-speed track can extend to Vladivostok. The first section of the highway M-12 to Vladimir will be built in 2020

Mr. Petrushenko said: "We would like to come to Vladivostok. When will it be? While plans for the year 2030 to reach Yekaterinburg. Although after a couple of years we'll decide where to go next."

The head of the "Avtodor" also said that currently his company is working to establish a reference network of high-speed highways by 2035. He said, "part of the Road, understanding what cities you want to associate, is, finalizing the economic issues".

In early November, the head of the "Avtodor" has called the cost of travel on the new highway Moscow — Kazan. While it is envisaged that it would amount to no more than 2.5 thousand rubles for cars and 6 thousand rubles for trucks. Petrushenko said: "It's similar to what now is M-11 (to St. Petersburg – ed.). 

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov has already announced a 2020 launch of the construction of sections of the M-12 from Moscow to Vladimir in 145 km. At the second stage it is planned to pave a section of road 142.8 km through the city of Kanash (Chuvashia) and the village of Shali (RT). In the third phase, which will start in 2021, the road will pass from Vladimir to Arzamas (267 km), in 2022, will connect the areas from Arzamas to Kanash (239 km). A completely new highway should be ready by 2027.

Reference: the project of motorway Moscow — Kazan is included in the Comprehensive plan for the modernization and expansion of trunk infrastructure for the period up to 2024 and will become part of the generated transport corridor Europe — Western China. The total cost of the pipeline is estimated at 539 billion rubles length of the route Moscow — Kazan will be 794 km Highway will replace the existing M7 "Volga".

 the transport Ministry and Avtodor also announced the beginning of voting at the choice of the name for the track.


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