The highway M-11 "Neva" will bypass Tver – ever

The highway M-11 "Neva" will bypass Tver – ever

The highway M-11 "Neva" will bypass Tver – ever

4 December 2019

Northern bypass Tver just starting to design


Alexander Klimov, photos Avtodor and TASS

Past Wednesday November 27, a solemn the discovery high-speed 694-kilometer highway M-11 "Neva" (category 1A) between Moscow and St. Petersburg still does not mean that all of it is the speed limit 110 km/h, as after entering the 8th precinct (646 km – 684 km in the Tosno district of Leningrad region and Saint-Petersburg) it still remains the only free plot shared with the road-the doubler of M-10, i.e., the Leningrad highway. This bypass of the city of Tver ' from the South, where the movement is in some places restricted urban limit of 60 km/h and has a fairly dense because of the large transit freight transport.

To design a paid 60-kilometer high-speed Northern bypass of Tver is still just beginning (i.e. the initial draft M-11 it was not – ed.) moreover, neither the date nor the construction budget, nor even the contractors (obviously with a potential investor will sign the concession agreement) had not yet been determined. At the end of construction around Tver closed private road "ring".
The Governor of the Tver region Igor Rudenya at the opening ceremony of the "Neva" enlisted the support of President Vladimir Putin on the issue of the start of construction of the Northern bypass of Tver.

In addition, the Governor proposes to establish a technical interchange on the 314-kilometer highway M-11 in area of Vyshniy Volochek, and also to build a regional Expressway between highways M-11, M-10 and M-9, which should "open" the flow of tourists in the direction of Seliger, Ostashkov, Peno and Andreapol'.

PS it is Clear that the track between the two capitals, built on the national principle of "boiling porridge from an ax", ie, by segment, sooner or later will be built and landscaped all the way through, but so far bypass the city of the coming years will be on it, unfortunately, another problematic node (a few years ago this was the site in Vyshniy volochëk, received notoriety as "the tube all Rus"). However, to finish the highway will have as a motorway in the North-West is vital to the country. Yet you continue the "beautification" of the already constructed sections of M-11 where it is because of the lack of seasonings in the pockets of the rest areas (which is also lacking) are forced to place a container filling station with the card payment. In addition, virtually absent in the area of Vyshniy Volochek mobile communications promise to launch later this year, and in 2020 – and even add to it the mobile Internet.


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