In the Russian Park of passenger cars, the youngest – Compact CUV

In the Russian Park of passenger cars, the youngest – Compact CUV

In the Russian Park of passenger cars, the youngest – Compact CUV

20 November 2019

Midsize cars D-class were increasingly replaced by SUV


Alexander Klimov, photo of the author and Toyota

According to Russian Automotive Market Research (RAMR), on July 1, 2019 in the Russian Federation there were 44.2 million passenger cars. In the model five classes of dimension – B (economy class or low cost), C (small, medium, or Golf class), D (middle class), M (MPV or MPV) and a Compact CUV (compact crossover or B SUV/C SUV's) account for 80% of the Park.
Among them the most age was Park a mid-size car models D-class: the share of cars older than 20 years accounted for 38% of the Park in this segment.
The youngest among the Park cars in the Compact CUV class, etcE. crossover segment B-/C-SUV. This is where the most "fresh" cars under 5 years account for almost half of the Park in this segment. In contrast, crossovers over 20 years is only 3% of the Park. The graph shows that popular a dozen years ago, the minivan has almost disappeared, superseded by the same crossovers, which now are no less functionality and practicality at a much higher charisma.

PS it is not Surprising that mid-size model of D-class was in "20-Litky" these are mostly cars imported into the country already used in "dashing 90-e" as, for example, this battered Opel Vectra (brand can be defined only by the expert) which, however, under the glass is a note: "the Car is not abandoned and the phone number of the owner."

To sell arms to such "Calistoga" is already practically impossible (at least, in a city like Moscow)

On the contrary, such a small amount of 20-year-old mid-size crossovers in the Park due to the fact that at the end of the last century this class, in fact, just beginning to form (among the most famous models of the 1990s, for example, Toyota first generation RAV4).

Toyota RAV4 in 1994 in fact was the first compact crossover in the modern sense

The peak of popularity of this class comprise our days, and with the market, they are displacing and replacing the models of the classes C and D. Hence, such a large percentage of new cars in the Park crossovers that have flooded the market in 2010-x on the wave of interest in SUVs in General.

P. P. S. are called crossovers: and SUV and SUV and SAV and now RAMR invented another term – CUV (something like use the Indian Mahindra and Tata). However, the designations are not changing: crossovers jostle passenger models across the front, so the world is left a little bit of famous brands that do not have in their line-UPS models SUV class, which even with the most powerful engines and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars or euros on the title of the SUV (albeit not with the frame, but with all-wheel drive, able to work on the roads) the majority of them does not pull. But if somewhere arrived, it means that somewhere and departed, as well as cross-over boom was not going to end (crossovers as if specially invented for the Russian road and climatic conditions as, for example, the Renault Duster on the splash screen), then definitely, the mass fraction of the models of cars especially D-class, and minivans will continue to decrease, and more..


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