New and used cars continue to go up this year at a faster pace

New and used cars continue to go up this year at a faster pace

New and used cars continue to go up this year at a faster pace

2 December 2019

The financial capacity of the markets of passenger cars exceeded 10 months 2019 2 trillion rubles


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According RAMR for ten months of 2019, the average prices for new cars in Russia increased by 9.4% compared to the same period in 2018 and amounted to ₽1 million 631,5 thousand
The market capacity of new passenger cars increased for the period by 7.0% and amounted to ₽2 trillion 74,82 billion.
Average price for used cars in January-October 2019 increased by 7.5% compared to the same period last year to ₽558 thousand the capacity of the market of used cars amounted to ₽2 trillion 491,99 billion (+7.4 per cent), respectively.

the Market for new cars
In January-October 2019 the weighted average rates on new cars were registered in all brands of the Top 15.
So for the purchase of cars of the KIA brand during the review period, Russians spent ₽235,5 mln., which is 5.7% more than the year before. Also in the top three of market capacity includes the brands Toyota (₽204,75 million) and LADA (₽191 million).
Brands Nissan and Lexus financial capacity decreased, reflecting a decrease in car sales of these brands by 15.5% and 9.4%, respectively.
Among the top 15 regional markets the greatest increase in the weighted average share price during the reporting period were recorded in the Perm region is 13.6%.
In January-October 2019 more than others have spent on the purchase of new cars inhabitants of Moscow – for you! 490,93 RUB million Also in the Top 3 regions for financial capacity has entered St. Petersburg and the Moscow region, the people acquired cars at ₽180,71 million and ₽173,29 million, respectively.

the Market of cars with mileage.
Among the Top 15 brands of used passenger cars in January-October 2019 traditionally, the leader was Toyota, so the purchase of this brand Russians spent ₽369,13 million followed by LADA and Musubu-Benz, cars which in total cost the people of Russia ₽249,43 million and ₽192,57 million, respectively.
The leader of the capacitance of the secondary market among the Russian regions remains Moscow. So, in the capital for the first ten months of 2019 were sold used cars at ₽240,5 billion totaling more than ₽100 billion spent on the purchase of used cars residents of the Krasnodar region, St. Petersburg and Moscow region.


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