Global automakers are betting in China for diesel SUVs in the attempts to recover sales

Global automakers are betting in China for diesel SUVs in the attempts to recover sales

Global automakers are betting in China for diesel SUVs in the attempts to recover sales

27 November 2019

Avtoproyzvodytely China are concerned about the recovery of sales, not quotas on electric vehicles


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Thanks to the program, carbon credits, adopted in the beginning of this year, Beijing aims to increase annual production of electric vehicles (NEV) from 1.27 million in 2018 in China to 2 million in 2020.
However, for global automakers operating in China, the first priority was to find ways to restore weak sales amid slowing China's economy. And their acceptance of the strategy - launch of new crossovers and SUVs.
The publication Automotive News believes that such a strategy is rational. The demand for SUVs is much more sustainable than conventional cars.
In October, total sales of new passenger cars in China, according SAAM declined for the 16th consecutive month, falling by 5.8% to levels below 1.93 million
However, the supply of crossovers and SUVs in October, of which nearly all gasoline engines, rose 0.1%, approaching 870 thousand.
This strategy also proved effective, and Volkswagen is the largest auto brand on the market (represented by the two equal in terms of production and sales JV: FAW-VW and SAIC-VW – bus).
So, in 2018 the VW brand opened the debut model, which he called "shock SUV". Since then he has released to the local market five new models SUV: Teramont, T-ROC, Tayron, Tharu and T-Cross.
These products have helped the German brand to be higher than the total market in 2019.
So, for the first ten months of this year, sales of VW brand in China has decreased only by 0.9%, while the new car market fell by 11% compared to the same period last year (the segment of electric cars and hybrids, in General, collapsed in October, almost half – ed.).
With VW in October, sales in the local market continued to rise for the second consecutive month, an increase of 7.5% to 295 thousand after rising 2.2% in September.
In the next few months, VW will market the Chinese market for its next compact crossover Tacqua.
While the German brand intends to continue to expand its lineup of crossovers for China, other global manufacturers started to imitate its strategy to accelerate the introduction of similar products.
A striking example was General Motors. So the automaker from Detroit organized a marketing event called "Family night crossovers Buick" in Guangzhou, two days before the opening of the annual motor show in the southern Chinese city.
With the event, the company Buick launched a sale for a 7 seater crossover Enclave of local production (photo screensaver) and a 6-seater version of the model Enclave Avenir, as well as the upgraded crossover Envision.
At the motor show in Guangzhou Chevrolet will also offer a 7-seat crossover Blazer – the first mid-size SUV of the American brand for the Chinese market.
Other international brands are also following the example of VW. For example, Kia is at the motor show in Guangzhou crossover KX3 and KX5 last generation and the Sportage SUV.
Meanwhile, Toyota Motor Corp. and Honda Motor Co. also plan to present their new models crossover vehicles – Toyota and Honda Wildlander Breeze.
It is unclear how much time it will take the market of new cars in China to return to growth, but the trend is clear: global automakers introduce a host of new SUVs in China, which will further strengthen competition in this growing market segment..


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