The world market for the first three quarters dipped to 5.6 percent

The world market for the first three quarters dipped to 5.6 percent

The world market for the first three quarters dipped to 5.6 percent

7 November 2019

Sino-us trade war and presses on the world market


Alexander Klimov, photos

The global market is the body is much more complex than national markets, though dependent (but partially and forms) from the world market. So, the fact that for the first 9 months of 2019 worldwide sold is 5.6% less than new cars, although this number was 66.9 million, indicates a clear slowdown, if not recession in the global economy, since all major countries in the world live on a more or less market principles. Interestingly, only 12 countries took more than 75% of the world market.
Analytical Agency "AUTOSTAT" made a rating of this "lucky dozen". Leadership, of course, remains China, where it has sold 18.1 million new cars and light commercial vehicles, but it is 10% less than the same period last year. According to experts it is the world's largest car market China and pulls down as well and world market. Second on the planet the US market, too, growth is not conspicuous, although subsided and not as much as the Chinese. Accordingly, sales of new cars in the US for 9 months amounted to 12.8 million (-1%). But reaching the ranking of the five countries, including Japan, Germany, India, great Britain and Brazil, have shown growth in their car markets. The best dynamics you experience in the Indian market (+16%) and the smallest on the British (+2%). Then another five countries on the markets worsened. Got here and Russia (-2%), which was the 12th, and with a scanty gap in terms of sales (less than 10K) from South Korea. So, given a sharp fall in the Korean market (-4%) in Russia was still a possibility for the end of 2019 to move to 11-th place (however, the end of October in the Russian market are disappointing, so 12th place will be quite satisfactory). It may climb in the rankings and Brazil, while that coming from the UK almost at the same level. The gap between them is only 3.2 thousand, so the Brazilian market due to its best dynamics (+9%) compared to English (+2%) for the last quarter can be found.

PS eloquently the vision of the outcome of Sino-American trade war – the more , the greater the decline. India with Brazil after a shaky previous years catch up due to pent-up demand. Vpechatlaet growth Britanii despite the lack of resolution for Brexit. In General automotive industry and market of Albion in the case of implementation of at-risk Brexit in full may be the most affected among all sectors of the national economy, as I have previously mentioned.


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