The conference DealerUp2019 indicated dealers digital horizons

The conference DealerUp2019 indicated dealers digital horizons

The conference DealerUp2019 indicated dealers digital horizons

4 December 2019

The conference  DealerUp 2019 discussed the prospects of digitization services market dealers


Alexander Klimov, photo by the author

Today in the capital hotel "Golden ring," a conference of car dealers: "DealerUp2019. Automotive Digital Retailing – a user's manual", which was the main event this sector of the automobile business in the current winter season. During the conference, the speakers spoke on the following topics: One Price. One Person; the differentiation of the customer experience as a competitive advantage; the way of the user when buying a car; avtomarketing around the social networks; car subscription; classified for a dealer or dealer for classified?; cases that are not ashamed; features advance auto Vkontakte; the creation and consumption of content in modern media; a universal formula in marketing car dealer number 1 or will you stop screwing around; Digital F&I: what we have to prepare to dealers?; CRM in the era of Digital Retailing; end-to-end Analytics:the new reality; mobile marketing. Both dealers use a growing trend in 2020; video marketing in the auto business.
For example, for the One Price. One Person ("single price. A single contract") was made by the speaker Tony Troussov representing the dealer group Mezen Dealer Services & Morrie''s Auto Group, and specially arrived to Russia only in the event of the US to intelligibly talk about gaining increasingly popular in North America, a new form of work with clients local car dealers and in particular his company. So Tony said that instead of unlawfully lined nauseam and customers, and by the sellers of classic system the rules of which both parties must frantically to haggle for every dollar discounts and each option (yet familiar at the half-century-old novel by Arthur Hailey "Wheels" – ed.) adopted a system of "single price of the car" serving all showrooms of the dealer and their margin dealers get is not due to swelling prices on hardware and(or) accessories, and due to the difference in loan interest between Bank rate and the rate offered to the customer as well as a number professional techniques, however, is completely within the law and without ruinous for the client of the consequences. By the way, my question is about direct sales of Tesla Inc. he confirmed that their system is in General similar to those his company One Price. One Person and also improves the performance of each seller in the halls of the showrooms (the whole process of the sale of the car is reduced literally to one hour and only one contract, instead of a whole pile of previous contracts), and also removes excessive psychological tension buyers and increases their confidence in the dealers (i.e. a client then comes back to that "honest avtotormoza" for additional services (with the exception of life insurance, which auto dealers are forbidden to do under us law).
However, for effective use of this method, according to Tony had to reverse himself "philosophical" approach to business. 
I would also like to note an interesting report of the speaker Anton Masharova and Volvo CARS, told about successes and prospects of the program subscribe to Volvo cars. This program is a cross between a traditional rental and car sharing  for a fixed fee, the client is able to use the new Volvo models about the conditions of car-sharing without tedious manipulation of akkaund, etc., and also want to change the car using only a single contract. According to Anton in the start of the program "Subscription" on sootvetstvuyuschuyu website page went 750 people,of which 38% went further and signed up as customers, and then 50 of them successfully completed the Contracting (i.e., the Bank confirmed their capacity to pay the monthly contract, however, passing such a ticklish and time-consuming procedure some clients from subscriptions still refused. However, 94% of the held subscriber (the number for their relatives and even hired personal drivers) have become more active promoters of the service, recommending it to their relatives, friends and co-workers inspires organizers of this service, the hope for its further successful development. In 2019, according to Anton in the Park, a new model, the S90, was connected to a new distributor in Moscow, the contract of subscription was extended to St. Petersburg (previously customers could come and visit Peter, but the service was held only in Moscow), customers have a choice of exterior colours and interior trim. 
2020 "subscription" the Park will be expanded by several models, will be a prolongation of the "keys-to-keys," running a loyalty program, improved offerta and client path. 
By the way, according to one of the organizers of the conference Oleg moseeva ( service subscription America by the mid-2020s to be more popular "dead-end" in terms of the development of conventional car sharing, as it combines the practicality of a car with a personal comfort, but also provides an opportunity for virtually the price of one car to get a whole garage of different purpose vehicles (for example, except Executive sedan, drive when it is also required on crossover or a road sports coupe or mini-van).     

On the reports of other speakers will be discussed in the near future. Follow the news on the portal  




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