The competition of elegance classic car was voted "Car show of the year" in the UK

The competition of elegance classic car was voted "Car show of the year" in the UK

The competition of elegance classic car was voted "Car show of the year" in the UK

28 November 2019

At the opening ceremony Historic Royal Automobile Club Awards the "Car show of the year" was named the Concours of Elegance 2019


Alexander Klimov, photos

World-renowned Concours of Elegance was named the "Car show of the year" at the awarding ceremony of the historic Royal Automobile Club awards, Historic Awards. Already in the eighth year of the Concours of Elegance has become one of the most famous competitions in the world, which is attended by the most well-known and respected classic car brands and the most famous collectors from around the world. This award has confirmed its status as the best automotive competition in the UK.
"Historic award" (Historic Awards ) Royal automobile club (Royal Automobile Club) is a new set of annual awards, celebrating the aesthetic and technical excellence and outstanding historical contributions to the automotive and Motorsport industry of Britain. The club is located in the epicenter of the automotive world since its formation in 1897, and "Historical awards" were a natural continuation of the rich heritage.
From 6th to 8th September this year at Hampton Court Palace took place konkurs cars like representation even spoiled all sorts of reviews classic cars UK have never seen. Possible exhibition of raritetov at the Concours of Elegance has become the most exclusive through providing 17 ever created unique machinfor example, this Aston Martin Zagato, the Ferrari 166 – the legend of Ferrari in the world, and also the first Bentley that raced at Le Mans and the first Bentley, which won at Le Mans. Edge in the contest was conducted "Main Concours".
The main Competition was held on radiating from the Palace Hamton Cord in all directions long, wide gravel paths of the alleys of carefully trimmed trees, became an ideal platform to showcase the best cars in the world. In the Park of the former Palace of the cult of king Henry VIII wore "the world's first minivan" (one of the nine Stout Scarab made), and also the first car ever to win the Grand Prix of Italy – Ballot 3/8 LC sample 1921, and also absolutely unique Rolls - Royce Silver Ghost, which ultimately was recognized as pobedila in the competition of elegance "Best in Show".Bali presents and unique work of tinsmith, for example, the German company A. Lange & Sohne.
The next Concours of Elegance will take place near the fountains of the gardens of HAMPTON Court Palace from 4th to 6th September 2020.


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