Kim Jong UN took a "Priore"

Kim Jong UN took a "Priore"

Kim Jong UN took a "Priore"

2 July 2018

Budget of the Russian car became a presidential sedan


Alexander Sharonov, photo Yonhap News Agency

Usually, the heads of state move on very expensive cars. Often, they are not only a luxury but also armor protection. Is no exception and North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN. The last time he rides in an armored Mercedes-Benz S-Class W221. However, in the recent military training camp it was noticed in the cabin conventional "priors".

Such "downshifting" is unusual for the head of the DPRK. However, there is no reason not to believe their eyes. Published by South Korean newspaper Yonhap News Agency pictures perfectly noticeable as the head of one of the most dangerous countries in the world sits on the back seat, "priors".

Since the report of the Korean newspaper it was about the visit of Kim Jong-UN on one of military bases of the DPRK, the technical details of the Russian car nobody was covering. However, domestic drivers, even these stingy pictures will notice that in this case, Lada Proira was released quite a long time. It is issued under door handles bottom grip: these were set for another "top Ten".


Most likely, the "presidential Priora" was produced in 2008: it was then that "AVTOVAZ" put on the Korean Peninsula 600 such vehicles.

Unfortunately, "AVTOVAZ" will not be able to use a very interesting reason for the PR of its budget sedan, the current month will be latter for "priors". The once popular sedan or cease to produce from day to day, or from the conveyor has descended as the last instance. The company did not officially announce it, but in the production plan for July is this model does not appear.

Recently, the "Priora" were sold at a price of 424 900 533 400 rubles. The car appeared in 2007, although he became a modernized version of "the Dozens", released in 1995. In some years (for example, in 2009 and 2012) Lada Priora became the most popular in Russia new car.


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