Volvo offered electrogrooving in six European countries

Volvo offered electrogrooving in six European countries

Volvo offered electrogrooving in six European countries

11 November 2019

Electrogrooving Volvo FL and Volvo FE will be sold in 6 countries in Western Europe


Alexander Klimov, photos of Volvo Trucks

Volvo Trucks announced the start of sales of electrographical Volvo FL Electric (p. M. 16 t) and Volvo FE Electric (p. M. 27 t) in six West European countries: Sweden, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, France and the Netherlands. Start of series production of electrographical planned for March 2020.

Elektroorgana quiet and working by night, unloaded the streets

The Swedish manufacturer has clearly felt the growing need for environmentally friendly transport solutions for the urban environment and offered a solution.
As electric (battery) trucks to deliver reduced noise levels during operation, and zero emissions, they have huge potential for development in the cities. First, due to the low noise electrogrooving can be used for the transport of goods and waste collection in the early morning, late evening or even at night when it Pinigina noise the most popular. In addition, the transfer of the work of special vehicles at off-peak hours helps to improve transport logistics and reduce congestion of city streets during peak hours.

Electromyography can silently work at night

Second, electric trucks enable new opportunities for urban planning and road infrastructure, as they contribute to improving air quality and reducing background noise. Thus, the electric truck can freely go for loading/ unloading in enclosed spaces and green areas.

The device chassis FL Electric 1 – radiator 2 – modular power supply (including power electronics and 24-volt batteries) 3 – two-stage gearbox with motor Volvo 4 – ePTO 5 – air compressor has 6 – four or six battery

Vice President for electric vehicles Jonas Odermalm notes: "In the context of global urbanization is the increasing importance of urban logistics, as well as sharply increasing demand for quiet trucks with zero emissions. Our Volvo FL and Volvo FE Electric Electric as meet strict environmental standards and high customer requirements and commercial efficiency".

The device chassis FE Electric: 1 – radiator 2 – modular power supply (including power electronics and 24-volt batteries) 3 – two-stage gearbox Volvo with two motors 4 – ePTO 5 – air compressor has 6 – four battery


Twin-engine electric powertrain for Volvo FE Electric 

  One of the difficulties with electrogrooving is to increase the capacity of such machines, while increasing the reserve.

Standard battery with voltage 24V

Chief electrical units Volvo Trucks
However, Jonas Odermalm expressed confidence: "the Decision of Volvo Trucks will be based on the specific needs of the business, taking into account many parameters, including driving cycles, payloads, and logistics. This will allow to use the capacity of the traction battery as efficiently as possible".

Trucks Volvo FL and Volvo FE Electric Electric developed in close cooperation with several customers operating in Gothenburg, Sweden. Starting in 2018, they gave very positive feedback. The drivers participated in the tests of electrographical, especially noted torquey engine, smooth acceleration and extremely low noise.
Jonas Odermalm explains: "Even on the background of positive customer feedback we understand the weakness of the infrastructure in most cities. Together with public organizations and private enterprises, we will agree on a long-term strategy of development of charging infrastructure. It is obvious that the rate of expansion should increase."

Addressing climate change will require a variety of technologies. So Jonas Odermalm concludes: "Electric cars charged by electricity from renewable sources is a huge step towards a more environmentally friendly transport of goods in cities. At the same time, are unlikely to find one energy source that will solve the problem of climate change and other environmental problems. Different types of vehicles require different types of power transmissions".
The Volvo FL and Volvo FE Electric Electric designed for the transport of goods, the collection and disposal of waste and the solution of other transportation problems in the city. The size of their batteries will be tailored to the specific client that will synchronize the charging them with the technological cycle and reduce the downtime to a minimum. Maximum cruising range on a single charge is 300 km.

PS Characteristically, for the debut of electrographical Volvo Trucks chose the countries with the most advanced infrastructure for charging and the culture of operation of commercial vehicles, although, for example, Denmark here, why it is not included. .


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