Nikola Motors announced the creation of a super battery life for its electric tractors

Nikola Motors announced the creation of a super battery life for its electric tractors

Nikola Motors announced the creation of a super battery life for its electric tractors

22 November 2019

The latest battery Nikola Motors will be twice as powerful, lighter and cheaper than current lithium-ion batteries


Alexander Klimov, photos Nikola Motors

Startup Nikola Motors from Arizona, promoting innovative electric and hydrogen vehicles and, especially, mainline tractors, announced its intention to begin installation on your electrogrooving so better batteries that it can be called a revolution in electromobility. If it's true, as long as the claimed only their stunning performance. Evidence of the existence of super battery life, the company promises to provide only in 2020.

Main tractor Nikola Tre

Last spring the company Nikola Motors has presented four new products including two long-haul truck tractors (Two Nikola and Nikola Tre) on hydrogen fuel cells and batteries as well as electric buggy and the jetski.

Electric buggy Nikola NZT


The world's first electric jetski (jet ski) Nikola WAV

Just Nikola Motors issued a press release with the report on the done work and a statement that intends to raise the attractiveness of their developments.

So, today Nikola Motors claims that she achieved the following (simply sensational – ed.) results:
– Nikola electric trucks can now pass by almost 1,300 km on a single battery charge, and with full payload;
– own weight of electrographical declined 2.3 t with the same size battery.
hydrogen-electric trucks Nikola can go up to 1600 km and after charging for 15 minutes;
– developed the world's first rechargeable battery with t- called "Autonomous" (the cell membrane (MEA) – ed.) electrode, which, by the way, from the US Department of energy received the Grand for $1.7 million;
– its theoretical specific energy density is 1100 WH/kg practical energy consumption of the electrical element is equal to 500 W•h/kg, and taking into account the battery case, its terminal and the separator, which is more than twice that of modern lithium-ion batteries;
– maintaining an acceptable capacity and power battery after 2000 cycles of charge/discharge;
the weight of the new battery is 40% smaller than the current lithium-ion batteries;
the cost of the materials have a new battery per 1 kWh 50% less than current lithium-ion batteries.

The driver's seat of the tractor Nikola Tre

The head of the Motor Nikola Trevor Milton said: "This is the most significant achievement in the world of batteries – we are not talking about small improvements. We are talking about exceeding the capacity of lithium-ion batteries twice. We're talking about doubling the driving range of electric vehicles and hydrogen-electric vehicles worldwide."

In addition, Milton has been hinting about some investor who wishes to buy his team of engineers, however, until the end of the year the terms of the deal can not be announced.

Public demonstration of the possibilities of new batteries, the company is planned for 2020 in parallel with the presentation of his new products.

Long-haul tractor Nikola Tre

background: currently the company has formed a pre-order for more than 14 000 trucks design Nikola. Trucks Nikola develop the power up to 1000 HP and torque 2708 N•m. the Company also announced a cargo electric car for the urban market distribution operations. Nikola trucks will be produced in the city of Coolidge, Arizona. Testing began on the roads of Arizona in 2018, and full production is expected in late 2022..


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