Mercedes G-class will gain immortality with electric

Mercedes G-class will gain immortality with electric

Mercedes G-class will gain immortality with electric

8 November 2019

Head of Mercedes-Benz has confirmed that the G-class will remain in the lineup forever, but with electric

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The example of Elon musk with his broadcast statements on important policy decisions through social networks, seems to be becoming a fashionable trend among top managers of world's leading automakers. So the head of the Department of digital transformations of Daimler Sascha Pallenberg quoted on the personal page in Twitter of his boss Ula of Callenius, said the Automobilwoche Congress in Berlin that in the near future will be presented the electric version of the SUV Mercedes-Benz G-class. Also provides a hint of Callenius, what if, more recently, the company discussed the need to end the G-class production, but now the situation has changed radically, and the last ever produced will be the Mercedes G-class. Nevertheless, electrification is the only way to save a large SUV in terms of increasingly stringent standards for emissions. However, the exact timing of the market introduction of the electric version has not been named. 
Earlier, the tuning company has already made attempts to transfer the G-class to electric. So, in 2017 a copy on request of Arnold Schwarzenegger was converted by the Austrian company Kreisel Electric. 
Instead of a diesel under the hood stood a battery that is also posted on the site of the fuel tank and under the boot floor. Their total capacity amounted to 80 kWh and a weight of 510 kg. electric Motors with a total capacity of 490 HP in the block with this gearbox found the place a regular transfer case. 
By the way, in 2018, Arnie, as reported by the publication Automotive News, even put pressure on the then Daimler boss Dieter Zetsche, the company has created its own similar version, but serial. 
The idea is not left in the sand with the change of leadership of the German manufacturer, but, of course, Daimler will develop electric G-class (which, incidentally, has already "appointed" index EQG), more brand. However, the iconic SUV can be and will get a more euphonious name.
In addition, Kallenius reported that the plans Daimler AG – the electrification of the whole product portfolio, including fifty models on electric, although it is possible that, coupled with the PHEV. And by 2022 in the line of Mercedes-Benz must be present for more than a dozen BEV. 

The theme of electric SUVs and pickups is growing by leaps and bounds. So, elektroversiya outlines Land Rover Discovery, but the latest Land Rover Defender so far only version of the PHEV. However, the BEV variant is not excluded for him, because of conversii subjected to (and subject – ed.) and the past generation. The transition to electric can give the chance to revive even a failure of the Hummer brand. Well, electric utility vehicles Bollinger intend to become show-stoppers of the current auto show in Los Angeles.


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