Elon Musk moved space technology in picaporte

Elon Musk moved space technology in picaporte

Elon Musk moved space technology in picaporte

22 November 2019

Tesla wants to outdo the Big three armored electrophysiol


Alexander Klimov, photos Tesla Inc.

Creativity Elon musk can not refuse, so in parallel with the motor show in Los Angeles he made in R & D center of the company, based in the same city, the presentation of the six models of electric Tesla pickup Cybertruck made (according to the Mask) technology of space rockets of the project SpaceX.
The Tesla team approach to such canonical American class of vehicles as pickup trucks was, you might say, creative to the extreme.
Instead of following the age-old style of frame pickups from Ford, Chevrolet and Ram (Dodge), Tesla presents not cyberpunk, not the Ala Stealth frameless pickup Cybertruck with so block shapes, even double cab looks not like a tent, not the dugout. The latter, incidentally, is closer to the truth, after all cockpit panels and bodywork is not just flat and armored, i.e. bulletproof.
The bearing body (most Tesla-called "exoskeleton") serviceprocess created from steel, not afraid of blows as with a hammer, and shots from a 9mm pistol. Of course, that glass, if not armored, it is much stronger than the standard. According to the Mask main customers Cybertruck will be the U.S. military.
The dimensions of the pickup Tesla Cybertruck rather impressive: length – 5885 mm, width 2027 mm, height – 1905 mm.
The cargo Bay is very original (not to say innovative – ed.) with folding tailgate with a retractable ramp for loading small machinery type ATV and covered with a hard sliding shutter with electric drive and built-in solar photopanel.
Its dimensions are: length – 1981 mm, useful volume under the curtain – 2.8 m3, the rear glass in the cab is lowered, opening up direct access to the loading platform. Electropica capacity is 1588 kg (3,500 lb).

Characteristically, in the package with the pickups Tesla showed its own electric ATV is also in the style of the Cybertruck. Interestingly, electropica retained the traditional Tesla front trunk, and also got a couple of Luggage compartments in a sloping wall outside the door with access via external hatches.

Suspension "of Cybertrek" – pneumatic adaptive functions of change of ground clearance. So, in the upper position of the body clearance of a pickup truck comes to an impressive 406 mm, and at the expense of a flat bottom is not the so-called "low point", namely that the real ground clearance. The approach angle is 35°, the departure angle is 28°. Yes, the developers promise that the handling Cybertuck on hard road surfaces will be "on rails".
When loading and unloading equipment truck squats on the rear axle (kneeling function).

In line Cybertuck yet included three versions (number of motors), with data on engine power and capacity of the batteries Tesla has not yet revealed, but indicated with precision and the number of characteristics of dynamics and maximum speeds, as well as the initial price.
For the top version Tri Motor also stated another favorite in America, the parameter – passing the quarter mile takes just 10.8 with!
The cab (bronekapsuly – ed.) from Cybertruck – six (front row, right in the old are three) in a traditional Tesla minimalist style – only a large Central screen and no buttons.
But the steering wheel shown in the demo photo they are likely to lose the place of the traditional steering wheel (well, may be preserved as an option – ed.). In the basic equipment package included the autopilot, and the charge pickup can be made from supercharger DC power up to 250 kW.

Although taking orders for "talovskoe" tradition is already open – the first commercial pickups will go on sale only at the end of 2021, and the most powerful top version of the Tri Motor in General will appear not earlier than in 2022.

It is assumed that compete in the us market Tesla Cybertruck on one side with a vast, ancient (over 40 years at the head of the sales of pickups), but "technolology" series Ford F-150, especially with his impending elektroversiya, and with another – with the advanced electrophysiol R1T startup Rivian. Not far behind, and GM, already announced the launch of electropop in 2021. So, if "Tesla" electropica and looks like a prototype of booster units, but to postpone the release of the most important segment of the American car market Elon Musk could not. And who will pull the rope in the 2020s we will see. .


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