Avtoklassika English reborn Chinese

Avtoklassika English reborn Chinese

Avtoklassika English reborn Chinese

14 November 2019

In 2021 in England will begin selling elektroorgana in retro style


Alexander Klimov, photo phase2.morris-commercial.com

Known at the time a British company for the production of commercial vehicles Morris Commercial, which appeared in 1924 and ceased to exist in 1971 in connection with the acquisition by the concern British Leyland Motor Corp. (according to others only in 1985 – ed.) was restarted in 2017 in Worcestershire, and investors, of course, were the Chinese. So the company is headed by a Chinese citizen qu Li, which is supported by investment Fund China Ventures with registration in London. However, the owner of rights in the mark Morris since 2007 is the state concern SAIC, which owns and such a historic brand like MG. Of course, that revived the legendary brand became, as it is now fashionable to specialize in electric commercial vehicles. 

Resurrected Morris Commercial presented in this November its first delivery electroforged Morris JE, which should hit the market in 2021 


The first Morris J-series more memorable for older Londoners

While the network posted only a photo of his prototype, whose retrodizayn made in the form of a replica of the very popular in post-war Britain delivery van Morris J-Type was produced from 1949 to 1961.

The interior is made in a deliberately Spartan manner, but in the center of the touch screen information display

  Body panels of the current "Morris" as if made of carbon fiber. The carrying capacity of the van is greater than one-ton.

Cargo compartment with hinged doors (plus a hinged door on the left side) holds up to 5.5 m3 and it includes two standard Euro pallets

Length of the cargo compartment allows you to carry long cargo up to 2.4 m.
Electroforged equipped with battery capacity of 60 kWh, which allows to pass without recharging up to 200 miles (322 km). The maximum speed of the van reaches 145 km/h.

A touching combination of imitation vintage decor and the newest outlet

   by the Way, charging these 60 kilowatt–hours (full charge in 7 hours from a 7 kilowatt home charging station, or just 20 minutes to 80% capacity from a public fast charging station) will cost just £8,4 when the national average price of 14 cents per kWh. In addition, electroforged free from the tax of £11,5 for entry into London and also from daily environmental tax Ulez (introduced in April of this year – ed.) a constituent of the LCV £12,5 (for HCV generally £100 – ed.). By 2021 Ulez will apply to the entire city. In addition, in many other English cities have so-called "clean air Zone" (CAZ), for the best in which cars with internal combustion engines also take a daily tax.

Packaging and colors for Morris JE, you can pick up in the Configurator on the corporate website of the company

However, asking for a cute "electromechatronic" is not a small sum of £60 000 (at today's exchange rate is $77 thousand or ₽of 4.94 million). For the model with a claim to commercial use just prohibitively expensive (even considering potential tax savings – ed.) for example, for the mass electrovan Nissan e-NV200 asking only £20 005, and for the "Electrocable" Renault Kangoo Z.E. – from £23 472. Obviously, the creators are positioning your electrovan as an exclusive (or they know something about impending inflation after Brexit-a – bus).

For the British older Morris brand is as iconic as still alive MINI, Land Rover and Jaguar. Van Morris J-Type in the postwar period were no less popular than the current Ford Transit

He remained in the memory of generations as an affordable and undemanding workhorse. While its total circulation at 48.6 thousand for its time was quite impressive.

The current "electromeric" is scheduled in three versions (from left to right): pickup, van and tsmf

It is expected to produce at least 1000 of these "trucks" in the year, but if things go uphill, then the volume can be increased, as a large enough interest in the remark allegedly show corporate fleets.
As "modular chassis" is clearly used some sort of Chinese design, since the origin of the power plant and other equipment the creators Morris JE do not open. It's possible "donor" has become the world EV30. 

PS a Shocking price tag is clearly only aims to promote new, as in England, the choice of LCV is one of the most extensive, and even a Chinese car will not take just on principle (as if she's on the nostalgia did not press and which would be three times the electrical was not). The Chinese, by the way, already have experience of promotion in the United Kingdom iniziavano brand MG, which was by no means strewn with roses. Plus we have to hurry, because on the heels of already 2022 may occur electroforged ID.Buzz Cargo is also done in retro style..


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