In America, the drones left the trust due to a fatal accident

In America, the drones left the trust due to a fatal accident

In America, the drones left the trust due to a fatal accident

29 November 2019

In the United States are going to ban tests of drones on public roads due to a fatal accident with the drone Uber


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The national Council for transport safety (NTSB USA) made an appeal to the Federal authorities about the suspension in the United States test all vehicles with Autonomous control at least until the development for them of uniform security standards and methods of independent control. The cause of the protest was a detailed analysis of the precedent DTPthat happened more on 18 March 2018. Then in the suburbs of Phoenix (Arizona) under the wheels of the Volvo XC90 crossover, which went on autopilot the 4th level of autonomy (i.e., a test pilot behind the wheel – ed.) development Uber Technologies has hit 49-year-old Elian Herzberg. The woman was crossing the road in the wrong place (unlit – ed.) on the bike and as a result of hitting "robocar" received fatal injuries, and died later in hospital. Offline crossover at about 60 km/h was unable to avoid the collision, the pedestrian was detected in 5.2 seconds. before collision at a distance 86,7 m. a Woman test pilot had also failed to respond to the traffic situation and how to react (except for the facial reaction – ed.).
Despite the fact that the indirect cause of the accident was violation of traffic regulations it is the pedestrian crossing the road in the wrong place, the NTSB found that the proximate cause of the collision was the actual failure test pilot for Uber Technologies from good tracking expensive because it is during the trip was regularly distracted by a personal mobile phone, as well as incorrect operation of the automated control system. Also contributed to the accident and nesovershenstvo Uber-Volvo-Crash-1.jpg
Thus, it is recognized that Uber Technologies, has failed the test of Abakarov on the public roads, failing to guarantee their safety (even March 2017 driven autopilot Uber crossover Volvo turned over on its side during a collision in Arizona city Temp).
She Uber Technologies in March of last year have removed their drones from the tests in Arizona, and stated that it would not renew permits for them California.
In total, the NTSB has issued six recommendation to the National administration of safety of traffic (NHTSA), state governments and manufacturers of unmanned vehicles, together with a full report on the accident will be published soon. Thus from the summary, it became known that NHTSA, in particular, it is recommended to require all companies and organizations and(or) planning to test vehicles with Autonomous control on public roads, provide for independent auditing of action plans and technology to ensure their safety. Only after completing these requirements, the test can be continued. Thus, it is possible to speak about formation of a platform for a single standard of security for drones.

By the way, held in October in Stuttgart (Germany) conference Handelsblatt Auto-Gipfel 2019 subject test drones were among the Central. Participants just feared that inexperienced and poor startups, limited to its own unauthorized and neoprobirovannye software and limited to the minimum set of equipment robocar (a pair of sensors on the roof, etc.) just are able to arrange a traffic accident, in which all have a considerable "industry autonomy" will be put under strict control and as a result of its development will be pushed back to a year ago.
The actual events in the US and became a direct confirmation of such fears.

PS the statements of some analysts (and in the West and in our country – ed.) that avtomatizacija driving a car was already in the nearest future and literally after ten years, the profession of driver will become extinct as extinct in the past century, the profession of a driver has clearly been running ahead of a steam locomotive and drivers are not ready to abandon the helm, and the infrastructure is not yet at the level, and the whole society is configured to robotarm rather nastorozhennothan impatiently..


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