UAZ theconnective for the Railways

UAZ theconnective for the Railways

UAZ theconnective for the Railways

19 November 2019

Railways will supply a large shipment of Cars with Connected Car technology


Alexander Klimov, photos SOLLERS

By the end of this year under the contract with JSC "Russian Railways" (RZD), the Ulyanovsk automobile plant will give the company the 617 units connected car models Patriot, Pickup, Pro, and family of the PDS.

SUVs designed for the needs of Russian Railways it is a serial and descend from the conveyor of factory in the Ulyanovsk and are also fitted with technology Connected Car. Innovative IT solution UAZ Connect using built-in telematics and online services to remotely transmit readings of onboard vehicle systems. Data over a telecommunications module ERA GLONASS, integrated in the CAN-bus in real time come on cloud platform, "Squadron", which provides efficient processing and interaction with information. In particular, the system allows to monitor technical condition of vehicles and their location, create optimal routes, remotely monitor operation parameters of the basic units and aggregates, as well as to respond quickly to emergencies.
UAZ for project Connect was developed by a partner of the SOLLERS group company C-Cars and is fully integrated with the internal systems of automobiles UAZ. Currently already implemented part of the services, the ability to geolocation, tracking fuel consumption for UAZ Patriot and scheduling applications as the functionality of the management system of the fleet. In the coming months the list will be to expand the appearance options remote diagnostics, analysis of driving style and further automation of processes of management of the fleet.

Using Connected Car technology helps reduce the cost of operation of vehicles to minimize equipment downtime and increase the efficiency of business processes.
For "connected" cars are covered by the official warranty UAZ – three years or 100 000 kilometers.


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