VAZ was temporarily off the gas

VAZ was temporarily off the gas

VAZ was temporarily off the gas

29 October 2019

AVTOVAZ has suspended production of LADA models in LPG, CNG versions


Alexander Klimov, photo of the author and LADA

One of insensate, held last week gas exhibition GasSuf , was the news that VAZ stopped production of gas-cylinder versions of models LADA in connection with the termination of subsidies to such vehicles from the budget (the funding has ended because of exhaustion – ed.).
Recently it was confirmed – dealers of AVTOVAZ was sent an official letter, according to which the production of LADA cars with bi-fuel engines capable of running on methane suspended from 1 October until the end of 2019 is already planned. In the LADA model lineup of such models for today were two: the sedan LADA Vesta CNG, which went on the market in the summer of 2017, and station wagons and the van LADA Largus CNG, which started last winter.
Frost manufacturing has actually occurred due to the termination of the state program of EcoGas, in which the government allocated subsidies for the purchase of vehicles running on gas fuel. Discount LADA methane in this program is ₽115 thousand So Vesta CNG taking into account subsidy costs ₽707 million versus ₽677 thousand for the petrol version with the same package. Without discounts this version is already ₽822 thousand and, of course, expensive for consumers, hence it is quite logical for AVTOVAZ was the freezing of production of such vehicles.
On the conversion of new vehicles for gas was engaged in the Tolyatti Group of companies ATS ("ATS").
However, the press service of the plant assured the media that the complete cessation of the production of models LADA CNG will not, and when it resumes, the opening receiving orders for the next period will be immediately notified.


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