In China opened the first hydrogen filling station for buses

In China opened the first hydrogen filling station for buses

In China opened the first hydrogen filling station for buses

17 October 2019

Chinese firm Houpu together with the French company Air Liquide opened its first hydrogen filling station in Zhejiang province


Alexander Klimov, photo  FuelCellsWorks

The portal FuelCellsWorks announced that on October 15 of this year in Zhejiang province at which the company EPC Clean Energy Co. Ltd. signed a contract, was officially put into operation the first hydrogen fueling station. At the same time was launched the first in Zhejiang province line buses on hydrogen fuel cells.

Gas station Jiashan Shantong is located next to passenger transportation centre of Jiashan. It covers an area of 2784 m2

The project was developed by EPC and commissioned thanks to a licensed advanced technological project of Air Liquide, which significantly increased the safety and reliability of hydrogen filling stations. The station is equipped with two hydrogen fuel pumps for simultaneous refueling of four vehicles. Two compressors with capacity of 500 kg of hydrogen a day can sell up to 1000 kg of hydrogen fuel per day.
The launch of a combined gas station Jiashan Shantong was a pioneer project of cooperation with such prominent international companies as French krigonogov Air Liquide Advanced Technologies GmbH.
Designed gas station SP Air Liquide Houpu, and the parent company Air Liquide will supply hydrogen for refueling 25 municipal "of vodorodovorot" in the day. The representative of the Houpu said: "In the future Houpu continue to build their presence and develop business in the field of hydrogen energy to accelerate the formation of the industry of production of a hydrogen energy infrastructure, key technologies, research and development in the field of components and spare parts, localization of production capacities and active promotion and implementation of domestic hydrogen energy".

PS the News is in the spirit of the last movement in Beijing perekleivanie subsidies for the development of hydrogen energy and fuel cells at the shoulders of the provincial budgets, which, obviously, would still be allowed broad cooperation with foreign manufacturers, but with the same indispensable condition of localization, which is already three decades acts in respect of traditional automakers.


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