PORSCHE CONNECT discussed the trends in the global automotive industry

PORSCHE CONNECT discussed the trends in the global automotive industry

PORSCHE CONNECT discussed the trends in the global automotive industry

25 October 2019

In the Porsche Center Taganka spoke about the future of the global automotive industry


Valery Vasiliev, photo by the author and Porsche

The world is changing more rapidly than ever. The progress that humanity has created over the last 20 years, greatly exceeds all the changes that occurred during the previous 2000 years. This is due, primarily, with a rapidly growing number of innovations, each of which makes our life comfortable and easier. We have the opportunity, the existence of which no one previously could not even imagine. Service Porsche Connect – the agent of change, revealing trends of the future.
The PORSCHE CONNECT event, held recently at the Porsche Center Taganka, spoke about the major trends of the future in the automotive industry. The discussion was attended by Marc Benioff, founder and creative Director DEPARTÁMENT Marketing, as well as an expert (Google/ Yandex). In the section "Electric Porsche" Paul Blyudenov leading "Avtovesti" and editor in chief Avtovesti told about his vision of the car of the future and we shared our personal impressions of familiarity with the system PORSCHE CONNECT. Then everyone was able to test innovative service and configure digital interface in your Porsche. Partner of the event was the company "Selters" (Selters), which invited speakers and guests with pure natural water is a premium of Germany, rich in minerals. Water Selters for centuries, appreciated and used by the German Kaisers and kings.
Service CONNECT is designed by PORSCHE Porsche automaker in 2017 and is a system that integrates control of the vehicle and the smartphone. Using a mobile app, you can monitor the fuel consumption, time, average speed of movement in transit, etc. PORSCHE CONNECT allows you to track the car's location, call the emergency services or ask for help when it detects a failure.
The service automatically provides the user with information about the weather, gasoline prices and Parking locations. Now CONNECT the interface PORSCHE is equipped with all new brand cars – the 911, Panamera, Cayenne, Macan, 718. App to install available in Google Play and App Store.
"We are gathered fans and Porsche owners, bloggers and opinion leaders interested in the latest trends in the automotive industry and the new developments of the German brand. Porsche always introduces new trends in the industry and applies advanced design and each year makes their cars even more convenient and comfortable for their owners. The cars of the future will be completely personalized, you will be able to understand the preferences and moods of its owner, and today we had a unique opportunity to look to the future" – summed up Alexey Sapelkin, General Director of Porsche Center Taganka.


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