Mitsubishi Pajero leave the Russian market

Mitsubishi Pajero leave the Russian market

Mitsubishi Pajero leave the Russian market

18 October 2019

Sale classic Japanese SUV will last only until the end of this year


Alexander Klimov, photo of the author and MMC

The sad news was visited by all lovers of SUVs in Russia – from our market clean, perhaps one of the most iconic for this model Mitsubishi Pajero IV. Yes, of course, the model is already far not the first freshness, but "the horse was good."
For example, according to the "AUTOSTAT info" sale Pajero for 9 months of the current jumped (!) 2.4% to 851 units Obviously this is caused by the rumors about the departure of the model from the product line of Mitsubishi. Now the SUV ahead of schedule and removed from the Russian market – officially in connection with the termination at the end of this year, the cu Tr. To get the new model required a new certified already with the system ERA-GLONASS, and in the headquarters of Mitsubishi Motors is just refuse to do, emphasizing the corporate policies to produce for all markets are the same configuration so matching the highest national standards.
PS the Word I found spit on the stone. Against this background, analysts ' opinions that the Pajero from Russia removed as a result of its low sales as it seems far-fetched. It is possible, the high demand for the veteran in connection with his departure from our market and encourage Japanese companies to reconsider their view on the certification model for Russia.


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