Mercedes has announced a revocable campaign

Mercedes has announced a revocable campaign

Mercedes has announced a revocable campaign

7 March 2017

Daimler AG is Recalling more than one million new models Mercedes Benz the world


Alexander Om,  photo Daimler AG

Daimler AG announced its intention to withdraw more than one million new Mercedes Benz models at the world because of the risk of fire, after 51 cases of confirmed fires at the cause of the faulty fuse. The German manufacturer confirmed that no not hurt.

Coverage models will be quite wide under revocable campaign will get models C-Class, E-Class, CLA-Class, and also crossovers GLA and GLC, released in between 2015 in 2017, with broken the "current limiter" or fuse.

After identifying the fault on the production lines were immediately carried-out inspection with the purpose of defect elimination in the Assembly process. Also there are additional fuses in the cars that are on the warehouses of dealers.

"None of the car, not will be sold until it will equip additional guard," – said the representative of Mercedes-Benz.

At Daimler, said that problems arose when the engine is not been run. In this case, the "current limiter" in the starter could overheat. frequent start attempts the vehicle and, as a result, began to melt the surrounding elements that led to fire.

The first will be to modify a vehicle sold in US as 51 cases of ignition of 30 they was just in a New Light. US for German brand is the largest market, followed by China and Germany.

Notification of customers, with representatives of the company, will begin in late March, but this applies to the US market. The maddening thing is that no word from them was said about the timing of the start revocable campaign in other countries.


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