Every fifth litre of petrol corporate transportation goes to the left

Every fifth litre of petrol corporate transportation goes to the left

Every fifth litre of petrol corporate transportation goes to the left

29 October 2019

The problem of corporate theft of gasoline do even a Russian rapper


Alexander Klimov, photos benzuber.ru

On the sidelines of the 26th Moscow international exhibition "AUTOCOMPLEX-2019", held from 29 to 31 October at the Expocentre on Krasnaya Presnya was made by the founder of the service BENZUBER and CEO of TD SMART TECHNOLOGY" Artem Skvortsov, based on the data accumulated by the company for more than 20 years of experience in the oil and gas industry claims that 20% of fuel when refueling vehicles fleet merges to the left.
Professional participants of the discussion noted that still the most common form of fuel theft at the corporate vehicles remains drain it with a hose and resale on the slopes. Artem Skvortsov emphasized that the solution is impossible without the further introduction of digital technologies into the accounting system, the purchase of fuel at filling stations.
That the problem of draining fuel remains relevant evidence and mass culture. Well-known rapper Vitya AK-47 in his new video denounces the theft of gasoline and bad service old gas stations.
 In the video on Youtube Vitya AK-47 ridicules low client personnel old gas stations and the theft of motor fuel, which is still common in many regions of Russia.
Founder of the service BENZUBER Artem Skvortsov said: "We gave Vitya AK-47 full creative freedom in the matter of rendering service. He chose the most significant situations that can happen to anyone. Suck gasoline from the tank using a normal hose. Resort to it dishonest drivers who buy petrol on corporate money, and then merge it and marketing on the tracks".
Advertising campaign, which was a Russian musician devoted to the promotion of the first established in Russia service for payment of fuel at petrol stations via mobile apps BENZUBER.
The service allows you to avoid the necessity of contacting the ticket office at old filling stations for motorists and helps business users to minimize the risks of theft of fuel. With the application business owners get rid of gray schemes at the pump, to which sometimes resorted to dishonest drivers of corporate vehicle.
the service enables the accountant or the head of the company to control the process of refueling the fleet online, producing remote fuel. Electronic receipts are transmitted directly to the accounting Department through the application. The firm can set limits on refills for their drivers by choosing the days and certain refueling.
Service BENZUBER can simultaneously use as individuals and representatives of companies. In the app the driver can choose how to pay for fuel with personal or corporate account..


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