Ford trucks saw the plant face

Ford trucks saw the plant face

Ford trucks saw the plant face

27 November 2019

The tour of the factory Ford Trucks in Excerice

Author A. Klimov, photo by the author
On the second day of the press tour Ford Trucks in Turkey, the Russian journalists specialized publications called for the complex of factories in Excerice. The total area of 1.1 million sqm (production area 118,31 thousand sq m) located automotive plant with an annual capacity of 15 thousand trucks (with two-shift work schedule) and engine plant with a capacity of 15 thousand diesel engines series Ecotorq (6-cylinder heavy-duty truck) and 65 thousand Panther series (4-cylinder for LCV Transit), as well as 140 thousand rear axles, which are supplied even for the North American branch of the Ford Motor NA.
Car production today is working in single shift, 5 days a week, which allowed to produce, for example, in 2018, about 10 thousand trucks 24 base models series Cargo (however so they now no longer call – ed.) and the latest F-Max. The total number of modifications and versions, and more than a thousand. For example, in the line of cabins (manufactured 5 main types). 
A more detailed review of what has been seen in car and engine production soon at the automobile portal "the Third Rome". Follow the news on 


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