Ford trucks shares the secrets

Ford trucks shares the secrets

Ford trucks shares the secrets

26 November 2019

The first day of the press tour Ford Trucks in Turkey.


Alexander Klimov, photo by the author

Today was the first day of the press tour Ford Trucks, organized in Turkey for journalists of specialized media. 

At a press conference the managing Director of "Ford trucks Russia" Bahadir Koch spoke about the history of the Turkish branch of Ford Motor, founded in 1961 as Anadol Motor.

Street bilingual (Turkish/English) the poster clearly told about the early career path of lorries  Ford-Otosan in Turkey 


This retrogressive Ford-Otosan D1210 (6x2) release 1976 the famous D-series is in the yard R&D center as a reminder of the glorious past of the Ford brand in Turkey


You can clearly see how simple was the interior of the truck cab even forty years ago. by the Way the cab is the Ford D-series stayed in production in the United States until 1988

Today Ford Trucks has a production capacity of 15 thousand and is represented in 44 countries of three continents (Europe, Asia, and Africa).

Nice way Turkish Ford Trucks over six decades


A brief history of Ford in Turkey

By 2023, the company intends to enter the markets of 81 countries. The number of dealers by 2023 will increase from the current 233 to 360, including in Russia from 42 to 50.

The estimated geographical expansion of the dealer network of Ford Trucks from 2019 to 2023

Debuted at the beginning of this years top truck F-MAX, was voted "Best truck of the year 2019 in Russia", and also received several international awards including "international truck 2019" (ITOY Award), and "Best truck 2019" in Austria and Slovenia. 

On the basis of two series Ford Trucks (24 models and over 1,000 modifications) produced the whole range of special superstructures all types and purposes

For the first half of 2019 were sold in Russia 360 Ford trucks of which 80 units. F-Max, which was voted "Truck of the Year

Global integration of Ford Otosan with Ford Motor affiliates 

  Then we were conducted tour of R&D center in Sancaktepe.
The center area of 38 thousand square meters, which employs over 1.2 thousand engineers, was opened in late 2014.

Business model Ford developed in Turkish R&D centers from 2002 to 2018


The development of technology engineering Turkish Ford-ohms for 30 years


Of the schedule of export deliveries of engineering development of the Ford Trucks in 2010-2018 seen what an important share took supplies for Chinese companies JMC


The most important customer is Turkish Ford Trucks became the Chinese  company JMC (Jiangling Motor Co.), working on his license

PS Directly in the layout of hall R&D center, the Russian journalists kindly provided the opportunity to get acquainted with the search options of design of the tractor F-Max. 



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