7 March 2017

PSA Group is preparing to develop the base to create your own electric vehicle


Alexander Om,  photo PSA Group

According to recent reports it became clear that release date is the first electric vehicle from the PSA is scheduled for 2019. After long thoughts, who is to make his first-born child, the choice fell on the new premium brand DS. The inspiration came from success in the market of serial electric vehicles of other brands. At this Executive Director of the Group Carlos Tavares does not hide his skepticism in the "fledgling market". In one of an interview, he said that in the near future manufacture of electric cars are not will bring profits. But added that there is only one profitable business is selling batteries for electric cars.

However, skepticism is skepticism, and must move forward to lag behind nor in any case can not, because Tavares has confirmed that the PSA is in the process of developing its own technologies for production of vehicles to electric.

No further details, except that for electric vehicles PSA will use its compact modular platform (Modular Compact Platform). In light of today's news about buying PSA Group at the American company General Motors branch of Opel/Vauxhall the French will likely be able to use the ready-made developments in the field of electric vehicles from GM.

CEO of GM Mary Barra confirmed the possibility of technology transfer to the PSA, implemented and apply to new Ampera-e and the Chevrolet Bolt. To the way, there are reports that Opel plans in the future, go to manufacture solely electric vehicles.


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