Jeep again trying on the uniform

Jeep again trying on the uniform

Jeep again trying on the uniform

17 October 2019

Company of AM General and the army's FCA introduced the new version of the Jeep Gladiator pickup truck


Alexander Klimov, photo by the author, AM General, collage

The word "jeep" in the Soviet version of the Russian language meant the class of passenger vehicles primarily military or dual-purpose, equipped with a simplified open body. This Russian word directly descended from American military slang nicknames Willys MB and Ford GPW model 1942, fifty thousand of which were supplied to the USSR during the great Patriotic war via lend-lease.

Cult in the world army Willys MB Jeep was the first

Similarly, by the way, in the USSR there were, for example, the word "Xerox" to any photocopier machines from all manufacturers, not just the company Xerox. In the post-Soviet period, "American friends" convinced us that Jeep – I am the brand, that is trademark belonging exclusively to the Chrysler Motor Corporation (later DaimlerChrysler, etc.). So, it is true – Jeep brand officially registered in 1944 in the US as Jeep brand vehicles made by Willys-Overland, consistently overbought in 1953, the firm Kaiser-Frazer (with 1953 – Kaiser-Willys Motor Company, and from 1963 – Kaiser Jeep), in 1970 American Motors Corporations (AMC), and in 1986 – a subsidiary of Chrysler Motor Corporation, which, despite all its financial and organizational upheavals (DaimlerChrysler, Chrysler LLC and FiatChrysler (FCA)), Jeep Corporation and is as a production unit. However, experts in the world and the American automotive industry know about the existence of such companies as AM General, based in Sound bend (Indiana). She appeared in the 1971 decision of the AMC, to allocate the production of various military vehicles General Jeep (in turn acquired Kaiser Jeep in 1964 from Studebaker bankrupt company) in subsidiary company AM General Corporation, on the issue which continues to specialize still. In 1982, AMC was acquired by the French state company Renault, so the military production had to buy the American Corporation DEM (U.S. law forbids the owners of its military-industrial complex of foreign public companies). In 1992, LTV sold AM General to the Renco Group Inc the company. However, the famous General AM not that, and the fact that her army multi-purpose vehicle HUMMWV (delivered to the US army in 1984), nicknamed the military in consonance official abbreviation with the word Hummer (hammer), in 1991 and 2003, was involved in both Wars in the Persian Gulf, i.e. anti-Iraq operation "desert Storm" and "Shock and awe", and also in the case of the US armed forces in Afghanistan.

Army jeep military HUMMWV in different guises

In 1992, the Hummer brand was registered as a civilian in an army jeep began to produce as a civilian Hummer H1. Sales boom of SUVs in the United States was so successful that in 1999 the brand was bought by General Motors, and for contract production of the next model H2, AM General has built in 2002 a new factory in Mishawaka, but in June 2006, was forced to curtail production of the SUV H1, and in 2009-m and H2. Incidentally, in the GM firm AM General was never part of the compact model Hummer H3 was never released.

The upgraded SUV AM General NXT 360 is obsolete before its introduction

Now for AM General times have not become easier. So she lost a government tender for the supply of tactical SUV, a contract for the supply of which was taken by a rival firm Oshkosh and modernized SUV AM General NXT 360, too reminiscent of the old model with the 998 insufficient (despite the amplification) mine protection, virtually no interested buyers of the armies of other countries. Therefore, in AM General has not found anything the best how to create for your army (in cooperation with the concern FCA, of course) of the army version of the new Jeep pickup Gladiator XMT – from eXtreme Military-grade Truck.

- A military Jeep Gladiator XMT has clearly become piperska version serial "Gladiator" 

In principle, a very terse description of militarized four-wheel drive pickup comes down to the equipment serial version forces special army, AM General equipment, and, of course, reinforced components and parts, in order to bring a civilian car to the requirements of the military. The splash photo demonstrates the basic version with power bumpers, doors are simplified, in other seats and wheels, antenna radio and some more equipment.

In the picture shows version Gladiator XMT with a special add-in, whose configuration can be selected individually

PS I look at the army version Gladiatoк and can't help thinking that this is not a real army vehicle, and the next gala festival car for a tuning shop Moparwhich annually makes several copies of extravagant versions of the models of Jeep, including military-inspired look.



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