31 January 2017

Today, January 31, 2017, to plant Goodwood (West Sussex, UK), was collected last...


Alexey Subbotin, photo Rolls-Royce Motor Cars

Today will definitely go down in history, at least in the history of the brand Rolls-Royce, after all, today, 31 January 2017 at the factory in Goodwood (West Sussex, UK) was assembled last car Phantom VII.

The final Rolls-Royce Phantom VII Final a version with extended wheelbase (regular sedans, convertibles and coupes ceased to collect in 2016) was created by order of an unnamed but well-known collector of Rolls-Royce.

The car is decorated in accordance with his wishes, in the style of the ocean liners of the 30-ies of the last century, and the wooden dashboard panels and doors inlaid with graceful thematic panels in the technique of "marquetry" (inlaid veneer).

The Phantom of the new century, under the auspices of BMW, under the serial number VII, was presented to the world 14 years ago, on 3 January 2003. The car was created on the original aluminum platform with components from the BMW 7-series, and the production model (was presented only as a sedan) began in the summer of the same year the new plant, built from scratch in the town of Goodwood, near the famous track Goodwood Motor Circuit.

Later the model range was added long wheelbase version (2005), the convertible Phantom Drophead Coupe (2007) coupe and Phantom Coupe (2008), and in the spring of 2012, the entire line of the new "Phantom", which by this time the undisputed benchmark for true luxury of the XXI century, has been modernized (Phantom Series II).

Previously it was assumed that the release of the long-wheelbase version of the Phantom VII will be continued in isolated instances up to the premiere of new generation in 2018, but now, probably, the decision on the earlier premiere of the new "Phantom" in 2017. the Special interest of the Russian fans of the brand should call the upcoming SUV Rolls-Royce, which presumably will be called Cullinan. The total circulation of Phantom VII all modifications after 13 years of production, according to unofficial information, was about 10,000 copies.


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