Berlin chosen as the venue for the 4th "Giavarini" Tesla

Berlin chosen as the venue for the 4th "Giavarini" Tesla

Berlin chosen as the venue for the 4th "Giavarini" Tesla

13 November 2019

Elon Musk has appointed Berlin for the construction of the Gigafactory 4


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Today the global automotive industry has started "marathon sprint" for the early commissioning of the ultimate factories for the production of electric vehicles. And among the leaders of the "peloton" – the German concern Volkswagen Group and the American company Tesla Inc.
The stakes are very high, because the winner is likely to dominate in the most prosperous segment of the global car market and later the global automotive industry.
Just started Assembly line for electric vehicles in the factories of the Volkswagen Group in Zwickau Antine (together with SAIC), and a few weeks away from the opening is saved 3 Tesla Gigafactory near Shanghai.

Yesterday at the presentation of the award "Gold wheel", which the German publication Auto Bild has awarded the Tesla Model 3, Elon Musk said: "some of the best cars in the world, was obviously made in Germany and that Berlin is great. I love Berlin"

In the tweet he confirmed that it was Berlin chosen as the venue to host the European plant Gigafactory 4. This area according to the Mask company Tesla Inc. preferred "too risky" in the UK, which were cut because of Brexit-a.

The firstborn Gigafactory will be 4 electro hatchback costs (or electrotransfer) Model Y, and then to be joined by a single-platform electrostan Model 3

The fourth "Gigaparts" will be located on a plot near new airport "Berlin-Brandenburg" (BER), and the company will be "full cycle", i.e. to produce not only electric cars, but batteries and power units. Production should start in late 2021.

In addition to the Tesla factory Inc. built in Berlin own R &D center. Total should be created about 7,000 jobs. Berlin authorities expect quite a "large investment" from Tesla Inc. Despite the fact that analysts believe Germany is quite "logical choice", and also due to the fact that Angela Merkel's government is focused on protecting the environment and are willing to invest in some serious stimulation of the electric car market, by itself, this country is not the "white and fluffy" in terms of deployment energy-intensive and labor-intensive production, as the salary of workers and engineers in Germany, one of the highest in the world, and electricity is one of the most expensive because of the growing share of alternative (wind and solar) generation. So that to smash his head towards the German company's break-even Tesla management, Inc. break will come.


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