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Tata/ Daewoo

Tata/ Daewoo

Tata Motors Co. Ltd.

The largest Indian automobile (and one of the ten leading national corporations) company Tata Motors Ltd. (formerly TELCO) belongs to the multidisciplinary concern Tata Group (headquarters in Mumbai), founded in 1868 as a locomotive plant. In 1954 the company launched the Assembly of trucks under license from Mercedes-Benz, and at the end of the agreement in 1969, under its own brand Tata. Since 1989, TELCO started producing SUVs and pickups, and two years later – cars. In 2003, automobile production was renamed Tata Motors Limited. Modern production program Tata offers a full range of commercial vehicles from utilitarian pikapika light of LCV with GVW ranging up to 1 ton (in fact carerecovery the stories of tuk tuks) to heavy trucks with GVW to 49 t, and also minibuses and buses of all classes. The company Tata Motors today occupies the fifth place among the world's largest manufacturers of heavy trucks and the fourth among manufacturers of large buses weighing over 8 tons To date, the company Tata Motors and its subsidiaries employ over 62 thousand people. In February 2013, of the reconstructed gate of the factory at Jamshedpur came 2 000 000 truck brand Tata. Today it produces up to 200 models and modifications of various vehicles and 200 engines a day. In 2004, the Indian Korean joint venture TATA Daewoo Commercial Vehicle (trucks company Daewoo produces since 1995), which in 2009 launched a new series of heavy trucks Prima. Tata company pays great attention to export markets Middle East, Africa, China and the CIS (present on the markets of Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Ukraine), in total, the products are delivered in 182 countries. In 2005-2009, the Russian company AMUR was assembled from SKD kits chetyrekhtomnym model LPT-613 (Russian sector index AMUR-4346). In 2011-2014 delivery Indian cityregional LPT 613 were carried out through the Russian distributor OOO "AKIT". The firm even tried in 2013 to start the import of more severe 63,9-ton model TATA LPT 1116 492 with the engine of Euro-4. More important for the Russian market was considered Tata an agreement with the Russian company "Autotor" on the establishment of a joint venture for the industrial Assembly of the truck tractor 4x2 and Prima Daewoo series Daewoo Novus in the form of 6x4 dump truck chassis with wheel formula 4x2 and 6x4. It was supposed to equip trucks with Cummins diesel engines (Euro-5) and gearbox ZF. The production volume anticipated in the amount of up to 2 thousand cars a year, however, the market because of the crisis, and have fallen in 2015 have been collected only a certification party from 7 machines. In 2016, the Russian import was introduced only 2 trucks LP 613 (-71,4%) and 47 trucks (-39%), Tata Daewoo.

Presented at the COMTRANS-2013 range of trucks Tata Daewoo had in 2015 to gather Kaliningrad "Avtotor", but the crisis hit and the project was quietly blown away. In the photo – flagship tractor unit 4x2 GH2TM Prima with 440-horsepower Cummins engine (Euro 5) with a load of piss to 12.3 t

Tata LPT 613 (4x2)

Returning at the end of 2011 the Russian market of 4-ton (gross weight of 7.25 tons) truck Tata LPT 613 is not particularly changed, but the efforts of the Russian dealer was slightly improved with the conditions of the local operation. For example, was enhanced by a regular heater, and the fixing units to the frame became more reliable. Order it is equiped with pre-heater Webasto, Eberspecher or "Teplostar". Chassis with a wheelbase 3800 mm loading height 950 mm equipped with side and tilt the body, as well as various specialized and special bodies and superstructures, including manufactured goods and isothermal vans (production of "AKITA", etc.), hydraulic cranes (layout "Chaika-Service"), evacuation of the platform LEVER, etc. Engine – license "six" Tata 697TC 65 (MB OM-352), upgraded to 2013 under Euro 4, the volume of 5.7 liter capacity of 130.6 signatures HP transmission – 5-speed manual, synchronized. Brakes pneumatic dual circuit, drum on all wheels. Wheel size 7,50х16-14PR. The volume of the fuel tank – 120 l.

Daewoo Ultra Novus (4x2, 6x4, 8x4, 10х4)

The family of heavy trucks Daewoo Novus started to produce in 1995. In 2004, the series got engines Euro-3 and in 2008-m – Euro-4. At the end of 2012 common for all models angular cabin with a narrow sleeping place had been replaced by restyled with more flowing lines and a revised grille with less air resistance. The restyled series Ultra Novus brings together a variety of versions with an unusually large number of wheel formula – 4x2 from to 10х4 full weight from 18 to 43 so Even a car with a familiar formula 8x4 produced in two versions: standard with contiguous front steering axles and spaced axes where the second axis contiguous with the third. Patienoe 10х4 chassis provided with a lifting third axle, and the base it considered side body. Family engines Euro-4: row "six" Doosan DL08 7.6 liters, with a capacity of 320 HP or Cummins ISMe volume of 10.8 l, 420 HP, supplemented by a more powerful 481-strong QSX volume of 15.0 liters, and the V-shaped "eight" Doosan DV11 volume of 11.0 l, capacity of 350 and 420 HP With them agregation 10-, 12 - and 16-speed manual transmission or 6 -, and 12-step machines.

Chassis and flatbed trucks offer a 4x2, with a wheelbase of 4030-6500 mm, total weight 18 000/ 40 000 kg (road train), carrying capacity 7170-7900 kg; 6x4 – 5800-7025 mm, gross weight 29 500/ 55 000 kg, load capacity 9570-10 840 kg; 8x4/ 10х4 – 6250-7900 mm, gross weight 19 000-21 000 kg, load capacity 870 kg 10 870-12 Engines from 320 to 420 HP fuel tanks – 200 to 400 l (4x2) and 400 l (6x4, 8x4 and 10х4).

Truck tractors with a 4x2, with a wheelbase of 3460-3700 mm, total train weight of 40 000-60 000 kg, the load on the SSU – 6770-7411 kg; 6x4 – 4480-4540 mm, the total combination weight – 40 000-85 000 kg, the load on the SSU – 8600-9335 kg. Engine capacity 340-420 HP Fuel tanks with a volume of 400 l (4x2) and 400-800 l (6x4).

Trucks with wheel formula 4x2, with a wheelbase 4030, GVW 18 000 kg, capacity 7970 kg, the volume of a body with tripartite unloading – 10 m3 6x4 with wheelbase 4580-5650 mm, total weight 29 500-40 000 kg, load capacity 11 020-13 900 kg, body volume with rear unloading – 12, 15, 16 m3 8x4 with wheelbase 5890 mm, total weight 43 000 kg load capacity 25 000 kg. Engine capacity 250-420 HP Fuel tanks of 200 litres (4x2) and 400 l (6x4 and 8x4).

Daewoo Prima (4x2, 6x4, 8x4, 10х4)

Family heavy haul truck Daewoo Prima "25t" started to produce in 2009. In 2010 the family was extended by the medium of a series of "4.5-6t". Series Prima combines multiple models with the same extensive set of wheel formulas like Novus: at the side of trucks and chassis 4x2 load capacity for medium duty series is 4.5–6 tons, for heavy – 8-9 tons, 6x4 – 9,5–18 t, 8x4 conventional circuit – 19-19. 5 MT, with spaced front axle and 22.5–24 t, 10х4 – 25 tons For truck tractors 4x2, 6x2 and 6x4 the total combination weight is 44 tonnes and more. The load capacity of dump truck 4x2 – 8 t, 6x4 – 15 t, 8x4 with spaced bridges 24-25,4 t, 8x4 with the usual scheme is 25.5 t. body Volume – from 10 to 25 m3. The range of aerodynamic cabins have Prima more diverse: from the "polyalloy" (narrow bed) "ploskorelefnoj" Flat Roof to "sleeping vysokonapornoj" High Dome. "Sleeper" cab also available in "discocephalinae" Low Dome and "ploskorelefnoj" Flat Roof. The equipment includes a multifunctional steering wheel and navigation system. Engines: 4.5–5-ton crane – Doosan DL06K volume of 5.9 liter capacity 280 HP and NEF volume of 5.9 l, 260 HP, chassis and truck tractors 6x2, 6x4 and 8x4 – Doosan DV11 and Cummins ISMe Euro-4 class capacity from 340 to 480 HP, the same Novus, as well as Iveco Cursor 13 with a volume of 12.9 liters, with a capacity of 560 HP With them agregation 9 - and 16-speed manual gearbox, 12-speed automated gearbox and a 6-speed ZF automatic machines.

Tata LPT 613 4x2, chassis

the the the the the the
Option The value
Overall dimensions, mm 6860х2045х2341
Base, mm 3800
Full weight, kg 7250
Load capacity, kg 4150
Engine diesel 5.7 l/ 129 HP

Daewoo Prima GC5CH, 4x2, chassis

the the the the the
Option The value
Overall dimensions, mm 9000х2420х2865
Base, mm 5100
Load capacity, kg 6070
Engine diesel (Euro-5) 5.9 l/ 260 HP

Daewoo Ultra Novus CH7C1, 4x2,
chassis (with side Cabinet)

the the the the the
Option The value
Overall dimensions, mm 10 525х2495х3165
Base, mm 6150
Load capacity, kg 11 000
Engine diesel (Euro-5) 6.7 l/ 300 HP

Daewoo Novus CL8K2, 6x4,

the the the the the
Option The value
Overall dimensions, mm 12 045х2495х3170
Base, mm 5485/ 1540
Load capacity, kg 20 230
Engine diesel (Euro-5) 8,9 l/ 380 HP

Daewoo Novus CL5DM, 6x4, dump truck

the the the the the the
Option The value
Overall dimensions, mm 8715х2545х3230
Base, mm 4110/ 1540
Full weight, kg 16 640 (26 of 110)
Load capacity, kg 8500 (15 200)
Engine diesel (Euro-5) 10,9 l/ 440 HP

Daewoo Novus N70471, 8x4, dump truck

the the the the the the
Option The value
Overall dimensions, mm 8960х2490х3170
Base, mm 5890
Full weight, kg 44 000
Load capacity, kg 33 000
Engine diesel (Euro 4) 14.2 l/ 420 HP

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